Zombie Crafting Game

7 Days to Die is an open world game combing elements of stealth, crafting, survival, Role-playing, first-person, and Tower Defense. It was developed by the Fun Pimps, and published by them as well for consoles, while Telltale published the console ports.


After World War 3, nuclear radiation has created an Apocalypse, and reanimating the dead as zombies. You play as a lone survivor (unless in multi-player) and must gather resources, find or create your own shelter and fend off the undead and other dangers. This is made even tougher because every 7 days on the blood moon, the zombies become faster, more feral, and they know where you are.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very buggy and glitchy, having an almost unfinished feel to it.
  2. Some bugs can cause the zombies to not even attack you and made you unable to hurt them (Grust himself experienced this glitch.)
  3. Several hits from zombies or deaths will cause your wellness to go down (the stat that determines maximum health and stamina.)
  4. One of the longest, grindiest achievements ever made, the Neil Armstrong achievement, which requires you to travel a thousand kilometers.
  5. When on a long travel or on the minibike, sometimes the land itself is kind of gone and you have to wait for it to load. Can be quite annoying when working on the Neil Armstrong achievement.

Redeeming Qualities

Awesome Games version here.


A personal review of the game was made by Grust himself. Click here. for the review. In addition, despite unfavorable reviews from game critics, the rating for 7 days to die fair well on GameFaqs with the XBox One version having a 3.85 rating. The bugs and glitches however are legitimate enough to still warrant a Crappy Games version as well.