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From the worst games to the worst consoles to even terrible moments in gaming history, this wiki was made to warn gamers about some the worst in video game history. There are 3 sister wikis also based on the formula used on this site. These are the Awesome Games Wiki which features must-own treasures in gaming, the Cancelled Games Wiki which will feature games that never came out and why they were cancelled and the Neutral Games Wiki, which is for games that don’t belong in this wiki or Awesome Games. The Atrocious Gameplay Wiki was created by Matthew Cenance, which features an awful/frustration levels, game breaking glitches and bland/frustration bosses.

The creation of this wiki may have also inspired several other entertainment wikis such as the Awful Movies Wiki, Greatest Movies Wiki, Cancelled Movies Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki and the Best TV Shows Wiki. so be sure to check them out as well.

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Rules and Guidelines

  1. There are two major headings to use for wiki pages: Why it Sucks and Why it Flopped. Why it Flopped is reserved for consoles and add-ons as these can fail but still have several redeeming qualities, good games, and even a fanbase. Why it Sucks is reserves for games and accessories as some have little to no redeeming qualities.
  2. As of September 4, 2015, copying Wikipedia reception sections for their games is no longer needed. Games that had the reception copied before September 4 do not need to be changed.
  3. Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted.  If you are rude towards another user, expect a permanent ban.
  4. Writing down the plot of the game is completely optional.
  5. Pages created by Trolls (such as Video Games that people and critics like and one person doesn't) will also result in a one-week ban.
  6. Refrain from Swearing on pages. The comments are however fine as long as they aren’t used to offend others.
  7. Reasons for deleted comments are: poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, insulting or if the comment makes no sense.
  8. Removing information or messing with the articles without giving a good reason will result in a permanent ban.
  9. Because of the corruption in gaming journalism, as of September 4, 2015, the only reliable sources of game reviews will be user sites like GameFAQs and web reviewers. Game journalists supported by GamerGate are welcome so be sure to check out DeepFreeze for sites supported by GamerGate. As for GameFAQs, a game will be put on as long as it has a rating of 2.90 or lower. 

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