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Acclaim Entertainment was an American based game company founded in 1987, and closed in 2004 following bankruptcy.

Why they Sucked

  1. One of the main examples of NES shovelware, alongside LJN who Acclaim acquired in 1990.
  2. Poor uses of their licenses, such as their Simpsons and South Park games.
  3. Stupid decision making.
  4. Acclaim had bad marketing campaigns, an entire page is dedicated to them. An example is when they published Turok: Evolution they would pay money if a person legally renamed themselves or named a newborn baby Turok.
  5. Rushed their games, such as Turok: Evolution and Shadow Man: 2econd Coming.
  6. In later years Acclaim never payed any of their licenses, leading to them getting sued a lot.
  7. They fired Iguana Entertainment founder Jeff Spangenberg over money constraints, who later founded Retro Studios and went on to make many well-received games such as the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In later years Acclaim did have a bunch of good games, such as Shadow Man, Forsaken, Burnout, Turok and Re-Volt.


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