The Action Max was a video game console made in 1987 by Worlds of Wonder. The main format for the system was VHS tapes and required a VCR to work, with the system focusing on keeping score. In order to play the games, a red sensor would be placed on the lower part of the screen that would light up allowing players to shoot the targets.

Why it Flopped

  1. The only style of gameplay for the system was the light gun genre.
  2. Because nothing would happen on the screen even if you hit the target, the appeal of the Action Max was very limited indeed.
  3. Only five games were made for the system, with a sixth game having gone unreleased.


  • .38 Ambush Alley (police target range)
  • Blue Thunder (based on the eponymous 1983 motion picture)
  • Hydrosub: 2021 (futuristic underwater voyage)
  • The Rescue of Pops Ghostly (comic haunted-house adventure)
  • Sonic Fury (aerial combat; bundled with system)
  • Fright Night (unreleased game)


  • Worlds of Wonder was the same company that created the original Lazer Tag toys, as well as Teddy Ruxpin.