Activision Publishing, Inc. (commonly referred to as Activision, and stylized as ACTIVISION) is an American video game publisher. It was founded on October 1, 1979 by former Atari employees and was the world's first independent distributor and developer of video games for consoles. Its first products were Atari 2600 cartridges published from July 1980 in the U.S. and August 1981 internationally. Activision is currently one of the largest third-party video game publishers in the world and was also the top publisher for 2007 in the U.S.

Robert Kotick was the CEO of Activision from February 1991 to its merger with Vivendi Games to create Activision Blizzard. On July 25, 2013, Activision Blizzard announced they had purchased 429 million shares from parent company Vivendi, which valued $2.34 billion, and also making them an independent company.

Why They Suck

  1. The company milks every franchise it owns until it dies out.
  2. Their games are notorious for being very expensive (and some of the games have terrible quality)
  3. Many of the games they publish are movie tie-in games ranging from mediocre to terrible.
  4. Activision's subsidiaries get gimped into Call of Duty support studios (Raven Software and Radical Entertainment) or merged into others (Neversoft's last game before merging into Infinity Ward was the Extinction mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts).
  5. Many of their most famous franchises such as Call of Duty, Tony Hawk's, and until recently, Guitar Hero, suffered from diminishing returns after several stellar games due to franchise fatigue.
  6. Activision has no problem with rushing a game out the door in order to cash-in on its fans, such as the unpolished Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5.
  7. They also release badly optimized ports of their most beloved games to make a quick buck, such as the disastrous PC version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
  8. They worked with Autism Speaks (who believe that autism is a disease) to sell special edition Skylanders game figures.
  9. They use recycled game elements from some games on to other games. For example, SpongeBob HeroPants has many recycled elements from SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge.
  10. Most of the movie-based games they release have little to nothing that makes the game "based off the movie". Fast & Furious: Showdown is a good example of this.
  11. It was recently discovered that Activision developed an algorithm specifically designed to punish players who don't buy Micro-Transactions by rigging online matches so those players constantly play against players that do buy Micro-Transactions, giving them an unfair disadvantage. That way those players will constantly lose and be pressured to buy Micro-Transactions themselves.

Redeeming Qualities

The company has enough redeeming qualities to have an article on Awesome Games Wiki. For the redeeming qualities, click here.

List of Studios Activision acquired or were approached by and killed off

  • Sierra Entertainment
  • Shaba Games
  • Luxoflux
  • Red Octane
  • Underground Development
  • Budcat Creations
  • 7 Studios
  • Bizarre Creations
  • Radical Enteirteiment
  • Id Software (Saved by Bethesda)

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