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Why, just why?

Adam Sessler was the co-host, along with Morgan Webb, of the hit video game review show, X-Play. The show used humor and sketch comedy along with the reviews which added to why it was a good show. It aired from 1998 and ended in 2013.

In April of 2012, Adam was fired from G4TV for unknown reasons and joined Rev3Games as an editor in chief. Adam Sessler eventually left games journalism and founded TheoryHead, Inc. a consulting firm for entertainment and media.

SJW Activities

Adam Sessler was the 23rd person in Feminist Frequency's 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male video claiming that in multi-player games, conversations with other players would not focus on his attractiveness or sexual availability in real life.

When Adam Sessler was playing God of War: Ascension, he criticized a scene where Kratos brutally beat up an evil Fury and was stomping on it with his foot and getting the trophy, Bros Before Hoes. Due to the Fury being a female, he instantly considered it misogynistic and docked points for the game for that reason alone. Even though gamers with common sense pointed out that the Fury doesn't die and the trophy came from the Fury's son standing up to her, Sony Santa Monica renamed the trophy to Bros Before Foes.

Like other game journalists, Adam Sessler nominated the SJW game, Gone Home for the game of the year award, even though gamers were more mixed about that game.

Like most SJWs, Adam Sessler has actually encouraged people to dox(the act of finding other people's information and posting it online) others to deal with rudeness.