"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here..." is an internet flash game website and flash game developer. Their games are notorious for using various cartoon characters in their doctor simulator games, which are supposed to be edutainment. The games are cataloged into 4 types; Surgery, Curing Injuries, Dentistry and Pregnancy. The games were later released on Android and iOS devices.

Why They Suck


  1. Every game steals various characters from cartoons and other edutainment games — for example: Elsa and some other characters from Frozen, Dora, Boots, and Diego from Dora the Explorer, the Loud siblings from The Loud House, Pou, the minions from Despicable Me, Tom and other characters from Talking Tom, Moana, Judy Hopps from Zootopia, Barbie, Hiro Hamada, Baymax and some other characters from Big Hero 6 (curing Baymax would actually cause him to die since he's just an inflatable robot), Joy and some other characters from Inside Out, SpongeBob SquarePants, and even WWE wrestlers — without permission from the companies who made them, including Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Universal, Illumination, DreamWorks, Fox, Warner Bros., etc. Despite that, there are games which use original characters (but some of them have ripoffs such as a game with a dog who has the same design as Max from The Secret Life of Pets).
  2. Every game has bad graphics which, when combined with the ludicrous amounts of gore in these games, look incredibly disgusting.
  3. There are games which show disgusting things for children (worse than the NES pirate game The Lion King 5’s Game Over screen), such as a soccer operating game with gore, and even a game which graphically shows Elsa's clitoris while her baby is coming out of her vagina.
  4. Every game is cataloged in each type, but it's the exact same gameplay and they just change the in-game character, making them boring and repetitive.

Surgery Games

  1. Every game includes blood and gore despite the fact that they're made for kids.
  2. Every game's objective is curing a character in game by performing surgery on the character and whacking up the character's inner organs. Some games forced players (mostly little kids) to open a cartoon character's head and do surgery on his/her brains.

Curing Injuries Games

  1. Every game's objective is curing the characters' injuries, many of which are bloody and disgusting.
  2. It even has Monster High in it, which there is a game where Draculaura gets injured mortally and then you cure which is not true because she cannot be injured.

Dentistry Games

  1. Every game's character mouth is almost identical and copy-and-pasted all over.
  2. Every game has the same repetitive objectives: clean up the character's mouth or remove some of their teeth.

Pregnancy Games

  1. None of these games care about what character is used in this kind of game — they just make these cartoon characters become pregnant. One of these pregnancy games uses Stuart the Minion from Despicable Me, who is male, as the main character.

What you should do instead of playing this website

Download this Google Chrome extension and tear them down!(Or you can just spam nuke and destroy their website.) And also, you can go and play every game you love instead of this filth.

Play these horrors for yourself... IF YOU DARE.