Alone in the Dark: Illumination is a cooperative third-person shooter developed by Pure FPS and published by Atari. It is the sixth installment in the Alone in the Dark franchise, and was released for the PC on Steam on June 11, 2015.

Why It Sucks

  1. Misleading title: you're not alone, nor are you even in the dark. This is a co-op shooter where the enemies are only vulnerable when in light. Also, the title suggests that this would be a horror game, but it isn't one.
  2. Disregards the series' roots; the previous games were survival horror games, but this one doesn't even attempt to scare you.
  3. There are no interesting mechanics in the game to differentiate it from better alternatives aside from the fact that enemies can only damaged if they're under direct light (a la Alan Wake).
  4. There is little to no character customization; you can't change your character's clothes, nor can you acquire any new abilities for them.
  5. Skill system consists of passive upgrades to both class-specific and generic attributes.
  6. Progressing through the skill tree only unlocks another loadout slot, in which you can equip another existing ability for your character (which also includes guns).
  7. There's no way to unlock new guns.
  8. To unlock loadout slots, you have to do the same levels multiple times.
  9. Incredibly repetitive combat, as it consists of lighting of an enemy by either a special ability or turning the lights on, then shooting it. Rinse and repeat throughout the entire game.
  10. Amazingly boring and repetitive gunplay, as the guns have no recoil so you can empty an entire magazine into an enemy and not have to adjust your aiming.
  11. Pickups only consist of health and ammo (also includes class-specific abilities). There are no pickups for different weapons.
  12. None of the classes have any synergy, and the only adjustment made to coop mode is that it has more enemies.
  13. There is no scaling for when you're playing alone; the levels are as large as they are in coop mode and the objectives are the same. This results in you constantly going back and forth as you must gruelingly journey through every passage to complete an objective (fast travel would've been a welcome addition).
  14. Objectives are all drawn-out, tedious fetch-quests.
  15. Characters move extremely slowly and have to use to stamina to run, which also recharges slowly.
  16. The levels are incredibly confusing and have drab visual design.
  17. There's no mini-map to help guide you through the level; instead you have the highlighted objectives, which don't tell you which path to take.
  18. The gates and doors lock at random to add depth to the level, but all this does is lead to you trying to take the most direct route, figuring out its essentially a wall, and then enemies spawn behind you and kill you.
  19. Enemies themselves have braindead AI and are difficult to kill if they're in large numbers.
  20. Enemies constantly spawn inside closed buildings, so if you close a door and there happens to be an enemy inside then they'll smash it open.
  21. Attacks from enemies are difficult to avoid because there's no dodge-roll key.
  22. The camera is incredibly close to your character and there's no way to adjust the FOV (field-of-view).
  23. It feels unfinished, as there's no voice acting and hardly any story in the game. There are also numerous bugs and glitches.
  24. Bleak visuals.
  25. It costs $30 for each copy, so if you and three friends want to play this game together (why would anyone want to?), you have to spend $120, which is insulting for a game this terrible.
  26. It's the final nail in the coffin for the already-dead franchise.


Illumination was heavily panned upon release, with a Metacritic score of 19 based on 12 reviews, all of which are negative.