Altered Beast, also known as Jūōki: Project Altered Beast (獣王記 Project Altered Beast) in Japan, is a 2005 action/adventure, beat 'em up video game for the PlayStation 2. It was notable for not receiving a North American release.

Unlike the original game, which took place in Ancient Greece, this game takes place during the present day.

Why It Sucks

  1. Clunky controls.
  2. Terrible camera.
  3. Tedious and repetitive combat.
  4. The game features only 6 transformations.
  5. You can learn new attacks in monster form, but no longer than a magic-meter indicates.
  6. Bad soundtrack.
  7. It is very short.
  8. Little to no replay value.
  9. The transformation sequences are horrible and laughable.


The game received mixed to negative reviews, with an average critic score of 53/100 at Metacritic. ScrewAttack named Project Altered Beast as the 10th worst game on their Top 10 Worst 2D to 3D games.