She's Jack Thompson with more charisma.

Anita Sarkeesian is the founder of Feminist Frequency and a media critic.

Claiming to be a gamer "upset at how women are portrayed in video games," Anita Sarkeesian started a kickstarter to fund a series of 5 web videos called Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games with a goal of $6,000. This started a huge campaign of harassment against her including death threats and rape threats and a web game where you punch her. This supposedly caused her videos to be closed to ratings and commenting.

This caused many people to come to her defense (known as white knights), including Angry Joe, and eventually her goal of $6,000 was met and exceeded netting her almost $160,000. Her series was met with success and garnered her several awards and even made her a public speaker. Anita Sarkeesian also tried to explain to her critics that feminists weren't going to try and take their games away. However....


Despite claiming to call herself a gamer, a video from 2010 revealed she was not a fan of video games and had to research them. Despite netting $150,000 in cash, the video quality in her videos did not improve and despite all that money, she stole Let's Play videos from YouTube rather than play the games she "critiqued." As of 2016, only two of her promised videos for Tropes vs. Women in Video Games were completed though she did add on some extra videos.  She finally wrapped up Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games in March of 2017.

She also showed very little knowledge in the games she talked about. In her deleted video on Bayonetta (whose character design was made by a woman, Mari Shimazaki) she proved she had little knowledge of the game by claiming Bayonetta was fighting a demon horde and that Bayonetta was a single mother, both of which were untrue of the game.

In her Women as Background Decoration video, she showed a clip in Hitman: Absolution where Agent 47 was killing strippers and claimed the objective was to kill innocent strippers for "perverse pleasure." However, she failed to point out that the game penalizes you for killing innocent people and that the objective was to use stealth to get past the strippers and kill the club owner. Because the strip club was a small part of the game, this showed gamers that she cherry picked and outright lied about the tiniest details of a game and exaggerated them to push her agendas.

On October 24th, less than a day after the Marysville Pilchuck High School Shooting, Anita Sarkeesian proved herself as a hypocrite when she tweeted about it and instead of showing her condolences towards the victims, the grieving families and the critically injured, she instead tweeted about how we must discuss the ""toxic masculinity" in our culture and that boys and men are always responsible for school shootings, making a sexist statement against men. She also made a tweet stating that sexism against men didn't exist since they controlled everything.

Its also been theorized by independent journalists that Anita Sarkeesian may have faked most of her death threats in order to play on her supporters' sympathies in order to increase her wealth by asking for more donations. This has caused her critics to call her a professional victim and ironically a "damsel in distress". It has also been pointed out by her critics that nearly every well known internet celebrity gets death threats, so she was nothing special.

When she appeared on the Colbert Report, he asked her to name three games she deemed sexist. She made excuses to not answer and went with Grand Theft Auto which was an easy target for controversy, showing how little she really knew about video games.

On January 19, 2016, Anita Sarkeesian updated her Kickstarter page claiming to have been suffering from burnout and depression, which made her pace so slow. She now hopes to finish her series with shorter videos. However, it should be noted that her Tweets from E3 of 2015 caused many more people, even some of her own supporters, to see her as a fraud and caused her popularity to decline on Youtube and Twitter. Because of it this, it is very likely that her profits from being a professional victim were drying up and she was ready to move onto another scam. Several weeks after this update, Twitter announced the Trust and Safety Council to combat online abuse and appointed Feminist Frequency as part of the council.

Although she claimed everything was her opinion, it is widely believed that her now former co-writer, Jonathon McIntosh, was the real brains behind Feminist Frequency and she was basically a puppet, they they eventually parted ways with Sarkeesian taking Femininst Frequency. It is also widely believed that the real reason her videos commenting and ratings systems were disabled was because she didn't want her videos to be easily criticized and debunked, which had already been done by many YouTubers, such as ThunderF00t, MundaneMatt, MrRepzion, Asalieri2, and even other women. This belief was proven to be 100% true during Vidcon 2017 when she failed to answer any question her critics gave her.

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