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It's Ninjabread Man AGAIN!

Anubis II (pronounced Anubis the Second, the game is not a sequel) is an action game by Data Design Interactive, the developers of Ninjabread Man, (in fact, this game runs on the same engine as that game) released for the PlayStation 2 and Wii in 2005 and 2007, respectively. The game is based on ancient Egyptian mythology.


The player assumes the role of the underworld god Anubis and tries to lift the curse of an evil pharaoh.

Why It Sucks

Anubis ll has mostly the same problems as Ninjabread Man, but there are definitely more.

  1. The complete absence of any sort of story in the game itself
  2. Poor and ear-bleeding sound effects.
  3. Outdated graphics with blocky models and blurry, low-res textures.
  4. Unresponsive controls, especially on the Wii version.
  5. Extremely poor grasp of the source material.
  6. Pretty much every singly gameplay asset and level design was copied verbatim from Ninjabread Man, just redecorated to be Egyptian-themed rather than candy-themed. This and the other 2 Data Design Interactive platformers are literally the same exact game as Ninjabread Man.
  7. The game is not actually a sequel, despite what the title may suggest at first glance. It is actually supposed to be pronounced as "Anubis the Second".


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Anubis II Review (Wii)

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Anubis II Review (Wii)-0

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