The Apple Bandai Pippin was a multimedia console designed by Apple and produced by Bandai in 1995, with it coming to North America in 1996. It was designed to be both a gaming console and networking computer.

Why it Flopped

  1. Despite trying to be an inexpensive computer, it was priced at $599 at launch, when its competition, the Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Saturn were far cheaper with the Nintendo 64 being $199 at launch, the Sony PlayStation being $299, and the Sega Saturn being priced at $399.
  2. It was severely underpowered, in fact its hardware was below even the computers of its day, with no hard drive storage, 6MB of RAM, and a 14.4k modem.
  3. Only 80 games were made for the system, with the complete collection in Japan and only 18 in North America.
  4. The controller looks like a boomerang, making it awkward to hold.

Reedeming Qualities

  1. You can play Macintosh games on this system. This is because this system IS a Mac.
  2. The controller has a built in trakball for going through the operating system.