Asphalt Injection cover art

This game should be buried in the asphalt roads.

Asphalt Injection is a game that was developed by Gameloft and published by Ubisoft exclusive for the PlayStation Vita, a failed PlayStation handheld console. It was released in North America in February 15, 2012.

Why it Sucks

  1. The female voice in the game is cringeworthy.
  2. Broken physics.
  3. This game doesn't feel like Asphalt.
  4. There are 45 cars in the game, which feels smaller than any other car size in the Asphalt series.
  5. When in one option, the game becomes a first person game where you can view your cars in a very futuristic environment which looks very cool, but the character that you are moving moves very slow, you start to realize that this is a worthless feature since you don't already have at least six or seven cars at the start.
  6. Instead of having to pay real world currency for this Asphalt game, You have to buy the car or upgrade you want using in game money. That's right. In-game money instead of real life money in classic Asphalt fashion.
  7. Only a small amount of customization features, compared to Asphalt 8.
  8. You can't tell what cars are for sale or not.
  9. Poor graphics, yet the 2012 Most Wanted game has superior graphics compared to this game.
  10. Broken AI.
  11. Awkward handling. Also, when you hit a concrete wall no matter how fast you're going, you still have control over your car, when in most Asphalt games you lose all control over your car when you hit a wall.
  12. Its gameplay becomes very boring when you've beat the campaign and played the all of the modes, which are worthless.
  13. Multiplayer is boring than any other Asphalt game after and before it.
  14. It was not released on tablets like other Asphalt games.
  15. A lot of technical problems.
  16. Forgettable soundtrack.
  17. Awkward sound effects, such as the takedown sound, asphalt sound, and crash sound.
  18. Clunky controls.
  19. No challenges at all.
  20. It's boring.