The Atari Jaguar CD was an add-on for the Atari Jaguar. It was released in 1995 for $149. The add-on attaches itself to the top of the Jaguar and has it's own library of CD games. It also has a cartridge slot on top of it so gamers could play Jaguar games. The add-on is pretty rare with 20,000 units known to exist so the price on the internet is increased to almost hundreds of dollars.

Why it Flopped

  1. The Atari Jaguar itself wasn't doing well so there was little interest in the add on.
  2. It makes the Jaguar look like a toilet.
  3. The add-on was very poorly designed, giving it multiple hardware failures.
    1. The motor mechanism was defective.
    2. The laser was defective.
    3. The lid itself could close so tightly, it could mash the CD inside and keep it from spinning.
  4. The problems this add-on had were almost completely irreparable. James Rolfe's friend, Richard of Stupidfingers, who is well known for creating James' custom Nintoaster and other custom game consoles, was unable to fix the device.
  5. Only a small number of units were functional, but because these are rare and expensive, you could give up hundreds to maybe even thousands of dollars to find a working unit. James Rolfe spent nearly $450 on two CD units that didn't function. Luckily, someone sent him a working unit. Spoony (who listed off the above hardware faults) also had a difficult time getting one to work for his Highlander: The Last of the Mcleods review and no sooner had he finished recording footage for the review that his system permanently died.
  6. Only 14 to 15 games were made for it, most of which were just mediocre at best.
  7. The cartridge slot also didn't have a dust cover to protect from dust.
  8. It had its own power supply so you needed two sockets to use plus a third for the television.


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