Home made videos belong on YouTube, NOT STEAM!

BMC Studios is an indie "game developer" run by a French-Canadian teenager. He and his friends are infamous for making low quality home-made videos filled with teenage memes then posting them on Steam Greenlight and later Steam Direct as if they were games instead of uploading them to YouTube. They're clear proof that literally ANYONE can put something on Steam these days .

Released "Games"

*Note: It is the exact same "game" as the first Zombitatos, only with Steam achievements and extremely minor technical improvements.

Why Their "Games" Suck

  1. The studio is nothing but teenagers with a camera and stock Game Guru assets. Their "games" are almost entirely made out of home-made videos with close to zero real gameplay.
    • The content warning parody from one of their teaser trailers strongly suggests that the "BMC" acronym stands for "Basement Movie Incorporated".
  2. The actual gameplay part of their "games" is nothing but stock Game Guru assets with little original work. Their later "games" don't even have Game Guru stock levels and are just the home-made videos, effectively removing what little gameplay from they used to have.
  3. The teenagers filming themselves clearly can't act or don't bother trying to act, frequently laugh at what they're doing on-camera, look directly at the camera, don't bother to edit any mistakes or do second takes, etc.
  4. It can be hard to understand what the teenagers are saying because of their thick accents and them not having any audio equipment.
  5. Overuse of forced memes and outdated references which comes off as unfunny. Even worse: they often make offensive jokes like mocking the 9/11 terrorist attack, the holocaust, and even AIDS as if they were memes.
  6. For a while they seemed genuinely interested in improving and did show some progress in Kimulator 2. However their next two home-made videos completely threw away any improvement and immediately went back to forced unfunny memes and offensive jokes with no effort whatsoever.
  7. One of their "games", Zombitatos, wasn't even properly Greenlit. The "game" that was approved was called "Moonwalking Dead". Not only they put this garbage on Steam in a questionable way, but re-released it as well.