Teenage home made videos belong on YouTube, NOT STEAM!

BMC Studios is an indie "game developer" run by a group of French-Canadian teenagers that seem to consider themselves comedians. They are infamous for making low quality home-made videos filled with teenage memes then posting them on Steam Greenlight (and later Steam Direct) as if they were games instead of uploading them to YouTube.

Released "Games"

Why Their "Games" Suck

  1. The studio is nothing but teenagers with a camera and stock Game Guru assets.
  2. Their "games" are almost entirely made out of home-made videos with close to zero real gameplay.
  3. They put tons of outdated memes and references thinking it is funny.
  4. The Teenagers filming themselves clearly can't act or don't bother trying to act, frequently laugh at what they're doing on-camera, look directly at the camera, don't bother to edit any mistakes or do second takes, etc.
  5. Unfunny non-comedy and they often make offensive jokes like mocking the 9/11 terrorist attack or the holocaust as if they were memes.
  6. The actual gameplay part of their games is nothing but stock Game Guru assets with little original work.
  7. They spam a large amount of games at once on Steam Greenlight.
  8. Obvious recycling of Game Guru assets and levels.
  9. They seem to be proud of their bad home-made videos.
  10. It can be hard to understand what the teenagers are saying because of their thick accents and them not having any audio equipment.
  11. This is literally the Phoenix Games of this generation. All their games should’ve been on YouTube, NOT ON STEAM!
  12. They're clear proof that literally ANYONE can put a game on Steam these days.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Unlike other indie developers who make bad games, BMC are rather harmless and aren't hostile towards critics. This still doesn't excuse the terrible quality of their "games", however.
  2. They actually seem to genuinely want to improve as seen with "Kimulator 2". While still low quality home-made videos, it does show some progress and less cringe.

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