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Back to the Future II & III is a 1990 platforming game based on the two sequels to the first Back to the Future movie. The game was published by LJN in 1990, who published the first game as well.


The game follows the two sequel movies to the 1985 Back to the Future movie.

Part 2

Biff Tanner steals a sports almanac and brings it to 1955, creating an alternate dystopian future. Marty McFly must go round retrieving various items and bring them back to their correct time periods.

Part 3

Marty must go to the old west and convince Doc Brown, who has been living there for 6 months to come back to the future.

Why It Sucks

  1. Barely follows the movie at all, except the introduction sequence.
  2. Despite being incredibly long the game must be completed in one sitting due to the lack of any sort of save or password feature with the exception of a cheat code to skip to Part 3 (see point 10).
  3. Just like in the first game, Marty looks nothing like he did in the films.
  4. The enemies are all random. Things like trash cans, piranha plants, evil Marty lookalikes and creatures that look like Spinys from Super Mario.
  5. The items are behind locked doors, to open them you need to find keys which instead of lying around in plain sight appear randomly. They also fall offscreen as soon as they appear, so if you missed it, you have to redo the whole stage.
  6. Some doors won't let you in even if you have the key.
  7. The minigames to get the items are too similar and really repetitive.
  8. Taking the items to their correct places is very difficult. You have to put them in a specific spot (kind of like in Mario's Time Machine) and unscramble the word that goes with the item. If you select the wrong item, the item explodes, making you lose it and have to get the item all over again.
  9. Convoluted level design.
  10. Monotonous stage selection.
  11. The cheat code to skip to Part 3 (hold Select and B on the title screen) requires you to unscramble a ridiculously long password after entering the code. The password remains the same each time but that doesn't make having to solve it every time you use the cheat any less frustrating (The password by the way is FLUXCAPACITORISTHEPOWER).



This game gave The Angry Video Game Nerd his slogan for LJN, which is proudly displayed on its category page.