Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (also known as Baldi's Basics, or BBIEaL) is a free-to-play video game that was released on March 31st, 2018 by Mystman12.

This game was an entry in the annual Meta-Game Jam that received 2nd place in the Meta-Game Jam's Top 5 Games. The main inspiration of Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning is '90s edutainment games such as Sonic's Schoolhouse, as well as pulling "the game is not what it seems" gimmick.


This is the plot according to the game:

"Oh noes! School is out, but your friend has a problem! He left all his notebooks in school, but dosen't have time to get them, because if he does he'll be late for eating pracitce.

To help him out, you have to go back in the school and find all 7 of his notebooks for him. It won't be easy though! Baldi loves challenging his students with fun trivia problems whenever he can! Each time you find a notebook, you'll have to answer some questions.

Answer all three correctly, and you will earn a prize! Find all 7 notebooks, and then exit the school to win!"

Why It Sucks

NOTE: As mentioned earlier, this game is actually a joke, so it's obviously meant to be bad.

  1. The game is basically an unfinished game. An example is when you start the game up, there is a Unity configuration pop-up.
  2. The music is MIDI files played through Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth.
  3. Nearly everything is in Comic Sans, which is utter laziness.
  4. The title screen (It's on this page as an image).
  5. The graphics are horrible, which look like PlayStation 1 standards and/or a poorly-made Roblox game. 
  6. You can only go through hallway doors if you're holding two or more notebooks.
  7. The game technically isn't horrifying to begin with.
  8. The 3rd question of every notebook starting with Notebook #2 is always the same thing.
  9. Whenever you get a math question wrong, Baldi will get mad at you over getting a question wrong, even if you were trying to get it right in the first place. This is something that the GoAnimate/Vyond grounded videos would do, get mad at a student over a wrong answer.
  10. Playtime is annoying. Every time you run into her, you have to play jump rope. And if you miss one jump, you have to do it over again. Thankfully, safety scissors were added in an update that let you cut her jump rope, but if the Principal of the Thing is around, he will put you in detention for bullying.
  11. Every door number is 99. This makes it hard to navigate through the school, seeing that every door has the same number.
  12. Sometimes, some characters speak extremely loud, in fact, you can still hear their voices whenever they yell even if your volume is low! The loud voices can affect the hearing of various people and are more loud that the crying of a baby or the explosion of a balloon.
  13. Regarding Number 8, every answer for the third question is wrong, meaning you will get ear raped more than once and Baldi will get angry at you.
  14. If you break any of the school rules such as "No running in the halls" while a character known as the "Principal of the Thing" around, he will put you in detention at his office for a certain period of time. 15 seconds might not sound so bad, but if Baldi is nearby, you're pretty much finished. And it's worse after 30+ seconds because Baldi will usually just get you anyway.
  15. The tape recorder distracts Baldi, but it is kind of worthless since you can use an item known as the BSoda right away, which pushes characters. (And apparently, it starts as a House/Pay Phone, but it transforms into a tape recorder. What the hell?)
  16. It's a Bully. Every time you touch him, he takes one of your items, which is annoying. If you approach him without an item, he won't let you pass through him (this was changed in Patch 1.3, where the Principal of the Thing can detain him).
  17. Random objects pop out of nowhere whenever you are playing the game.
  18. The unbearable voice acting. The voices are filled to the brim with ear rape and have no emotion or charm to them.
  19. The game has really bad, but mostly awful looking animation, especially by modern standards.
  20. The game feels more like a Friv game than an actual video game.
  21. The game is somewhat a rip off of Slender. Basically, it's Slender, but in a school (which has been done already).
  22. Why does the chalkboard say the word "dab" in one line? And why is there a fidget spinner that pops up randomly whenever you get caught by Baldi? (And how come people are STILL ranting about that sh** appearing in the game?)
  23. The audio can become distorted and scratchy, especially after completing every notebook.
  24. If you ignore the ear rapes, there is nothing scary about the game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As stated earlier, this is a joke game, so it's supposed to be bad.
  2. This game is meant to be a throwback to 90s PC edutainment games, like Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  3. The gameplay is surprisingly solid.
  4. The game got a nice update, which added new things, such as mechanics and items to help you, like a spray to make doors silent, safety scissors which can cut Playtime's ropes, The Principal of the Thing sending the bully to detention and 1st Prize, a hug-loving robot that can serve both as an ally and enemy to the player. But it, however, turns very slowly.
  5. The game has an Endless Mode, a nice alternative if you got bored playing the story mode.
  6. Amazing replay value. You can even get a secret ending if you get all answers wrong!
  7. Due to how bad the game is, it could actually be funny to look at!
  8. mystman12 recently made a Kickstarter for the game, which he will use to develop it into a full game with features including randomly generated levels, new characters, field trips that reward items and permanent buffs, and more.


This game was an entry in the annual Meta-Game Jam, that received 2nd place in the Meta-Game Jam's Top 5 Games. The main inspiration of Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning is '90s edutainment games such as Sonic's Schoolhouse, as well as pulling "the game is not what it seems" gimmick. The game, despite being placed in 2nd, has been recently getting high critical praise from its fans, even making mods for the game and fangames.

Most people who didn't get that the game was bad on purpose gave overwhelmingly negative reviews and negative reactions, while people who took the game as the horror parody it was supposed to be, for the most part, reacted positively, which led to the game even getting its own fandom and cult-following.


  • One of the official images found in mystman12's previous tweets back during the game's development shows that there were going to be more subjects than just math, including science, spelling, history, geography, and geology. It is unknown if these subjects will be added in a future update.
  • The game was made in Unity.
  • The game is mostly made of 2D objects. Desks, lockers, chairs, tables, Zesty Machine and the BSODA Machine are the only 3D models.
  • Baldi's Basics is based on the late 90's edutainment game genre.
    • The games that Baldi's Basics was inspired by are Sonic's SchoolhouseI.M. Meen, and 3D Dinosaur Adventure: Save The Dinosaurs.
  • The game became part of a game chain that contains other popular games. Baldi's Basics is commonly crossed over with games of that chain.
    • The game even has unofficial mobile ports. Mystman12 does not recommend downloading these, though, as stated on the game's page.
  • Two of the game's characters, It's a Bully and Baldi himself were characters created by mystman12 during his childhood, years before the game was conceived.
  • mystman12 created the game entirely by himself.
  • There is a chance that the Principal of the Thing could actually be a poorly edited photograph of mystman12 himself. It is not confirmed, but it is assumed to be him.
  • mystman12 provides all of the voices in the game.
  • In the game's files, you can find many unused sounds. For example, two sound clips for The Principal Of The Thing showed us that we could stab people with pencils and look into others' lockers, Playtime would give you instructions on how to do the jump rope (which was unused due to it increasing the difficulty and not being necessary) and the jumps you are required for Playtime to let you go was going to be 10 instead of 5 (likely for the same reason the instructions went unused). Luckily, you can use a mod that makes the game harder and puts the 10 jumps requirement back in.

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