Batman Forever is a beat-em-up game for several consoles that was developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim in North America, Europe, and Japan and Tectoy in Brazil. It was based on the 1995 superhero movie of the same name.


Batman and Robin must defeat Two-Face and the Riddler.

Why it Sucks

Note: This page will only cover the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions.

  1. The game uses the exact same engine as Mortal Kombat, with the same control scheme and moves. Because of this, the button combinations for doing anything other than fight enemies border on ridiculous. In the SNES version for instance, to pull yourself up to certain areas with the grappling hook you must press Select slightly before you press Up. To jump down from certain ledges, you press Down and R and like with the grappling hook, R must be pressed slightly before pressing Down.
    • Note: This is a coincidence, considering that Mortal Kombat was later bought by Warner Bros. after Midway’s bankruptcy in 2009.
  2. Fighting enemies becomes boring very fast because they have so much health and there's almost zero variety in enemy types
  3. The foreground can block your view of Batman/Robin and enemies.
  4. The game is very dark and makes everything hard to see.
  5. The SNES version has load-times despite being on a cartridge-based system
  6. Awfully bland and dull soundtrack.
  7. Weird digitized graphics on the character models.
  8. Moves such as the aforementioned grappling hook require you to stand in pixel-perfect locations in order to use them properly.
  9. Sometimes, there is just no direction as to where you go next in the game.
  10. It's Triceratops testicles as The Nerd said when he starts up the game.


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