Battle of the Eras (DOS, 1995)29:18

Battle of the Eras (DOS, 1995)

Battle of the Eras is a 2D fighting game that was developed by Procryon and released for DOS in 1995. It was an attempt to cash in on the digitized fighting game craze of the early 90s', however due to the game selling zero copies, the game became lost until 2013 when Super Fighter Team managed to track down and interview the lead developer (who was only 14 years old when he worked on the game) who released the registered version of the game for free online.

Why It Sucks

  1. Just look at it
  2. A plot and character descriptions that consist mainly of incredibly flowery prose mixed with hilarious attempts at sci-fi
  3. HUD that's difficult to tell what everything is (the wave-like graphic beneath each character's name is actually their health and not the bars)
  4. The "Minotaur" character is a bait-and-switch- You actually play as a worm that erupts from the Minotaur's chest (the developers found the Minotaur too difficult to animate and made the worm character up on the spot without changing the portrait and description in the character select)
  5. The game fades to black every time the character Shadow Snake teleports
  6. The game crashes after beating the final boss
  7. A hidden character also crashes the game when attempting to play as them

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