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Megatron: This box art is not what you expect to see in a game like Beast Wars, YES.

Beast Wars: Transformers is a third person shooter based on the Cartoon series of the same name. It was developed by SCE Studio Cambridge (the same developer behind Frogger: He's Back!, which was released the same time as this) and published by Hasbro interactive.

Why it Sucks.

  1. The graphics feel and look like an early PS1 game rather than looking like they are from 1997.
  2. Bland Level Design.
  3. The characters take stupid little steps around.
  4. Sloppy and loose Controls.
  5. Vague missions, such as "Stop the Evil Predacons!"
  6. If you are in robot form for too long, you die.
  7. If you are in beast mode, you cannot shoot. YES.

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