Bible Adventures is an unlicensed game made for both the NES and Sega Genesis consoles by Wisdom Tree, which was formerly known as Color Dreams. It is the first game made by Wisdom Tree and comes with three games: Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath.

Both versions of Bible Adventures are the same game.

Why it Sucks

This is for all three games in general

  1. All three games use the same music.
  2. All three games use the same style of gameplay, ripping off the western version of Super Mario Bros 2.
  3. The cameras scrolls slower than the player moves, meaning that the player has to wait for the camera to catch up
  4. Many glitches.

Noah's Ark

  1. Poor graphics, constantly using brown for trees and the ark.
  2. Finding the snakes are tricky, there are snakes climbing trees, but those aren't the ones you seek. You need to climb caves to find the snakes you want.
  3. Difficult to tell between most male and female animals.
  4. In the final round, you have to collect 7 of each animal.
  5. Jumping while carrying an oxen will make Noah drop it.

Baby Moses

  1. Moses' sister, Miriam, is constantly attacked while carrying Baby Moses
  2. If enemies grab Baby Moses, they will throw him in the river and drown him, which is pretty dark for an NES game.
  3. Enemies cannot be harmed.
  4. If you complete a level without Baby Moses, you will be forced to restart the game.

David and Goliath

  1. In the first level, David must herd all the sheep to safety and away from predators. The predators can't be killed but can be stunned with acorns. Amazingly, they only go after David when he has a sheep.
  2. The sheep need to be located first.
  3. Slippery controls.
  4. David fires his sling in a high arc, making it difficult to hit enemies
  5. At one point, you need to make a leap of faith to a ledge.