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Big Win Soccer is a card game made by Hothead Games, the company which made Sea Stars and the hit mobile FPS game Kill Shot. There are many reasons why this game is in this wikia, but I can only tell some of them.

How to play

You play like any card game: when you start a match you put in 3 or less "Big Impact" cards which can either be gold or standard, then you watch your team match the other team and if your team loses you could improve their skills or replace one of them with a better player.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible. Matchmaking. I repeat, it's terrible. I mean, you just got a new team and want to find some coins for a silver pack. You start a match like any other player does until you realize you are matched by a team with a rating (an overall of all the players in that team) of 70 or 90, and you're on a loose rating of 40 or 38. And thus if you're a high class team but you ran out of Golden Big Impact cards, you're going to lose to a fleet of teams with a rating of 50 or lower (that uses Golden Big Impact cards, or rarely, no cards.)
  2. Pay to play. 400 Big Bucks for 2 platinum players? I rather finish above 1000th place on an event for that than waste $3 for this! What's even worse is that... 80 (or 50, i forgot) Big Bucks for lame kits, which you can get easily in Gold Packs that cost 1/5 or 1/8 less than that, lame Gold Big Impact cards for 50 Big Bucks when you can get in Gold Packs (again) that cost 1/5 less than that.
  3. Contracts. Who needs contracts? Plus, your player's stats greatly, I mean greatly, decrease when a player in your team "retires". What's even worse? 50 BIG BUCKS, FOR 6 EXTRA RENEWALS FOR THAT PLAYER. WASTE OF BIG BUCKS. Hothead, you can do better, I swear!
  4. Barely any players in rare packs. Have enough money for an All-Stars pack? What you get is a single Gold big impact card, and rarely a Gold or Platinum player, or even more rarely, a superstar player. And have enough money for a gold pack? No players for you unless you waste 100 big bucks for the "Players" pack ;) (or you're just lucky to even get a gold player inside that pack)
  5. Literally unfair. Like I said in condition 1, you're a rating 90 and you get matched against a rating of 33. At that time you were like "LOL NOOB IM GONNA WIN 10-0 HIM LOLOL" but you realize that team beat you by a single goal. Even worse if you were in an event or that the team uses Gold big impact cards.

Redeeming Qualities

The only redeeming quality is that you get 25 (50 or 10 in other Big Win games) Big Bucks when you connect to Facebook and has better energy recharging.

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