Bionicle The Game

Do you know what is a "Krana?" I don't know, because the game doesn't explain.

Bionicle: The Game, also known simply as Bionicle, is a third-person action-platformer by developed by Argonaut Games and published by Electronic Arts, based on the LEGO franchise, particularly the 2003 direct-to-video movie Mask of Light. It holds the distinction of being the first Bionicle game to be released on non-portable home consoles.

For the Game Boy Advance version of the game, see this page.


The Great Spirit Mata Nui has fallen into deep slumber for over a thousand years. The Matoran people, who live in an island named in honor of the Great Spirit, along with their Toa protectors, struggle to wake Mata Nui from his slumber and defeat the evil Makuta.

Why It Sucks

NOTE: PC and console versions only.

  1. Leaves newcomers to the Bionicle franchise completely lost as it doesn’t explain anything about the series’ lore. Characters use terms such as "Krana", "Kini", and "Suva" that aren't defined in the game properly at any point in the game, so players who don't know what the terms mean must learn the meaning by research.
  2. Bare-minimum effort in adapting the movie’s plot. The plot for the movie seems to be compressed into only two lines of dialog late in the game to build a climax.
  3. The story of the game is also bad.
  4. The Toa suddenly change appearance in the third level, and it is not explained why or how they transformed.
  5. Awkward camera placement that can be nauseating at times.
  6. Terrible cutscenes.
  7. Ugly, blurry, low detail graphics, even for 2003 standards.
  8. There is a level where there are large gaps in the terrain which you are supposed to glide over, and it is not clear where you are supposed to go.
  9. Later in that level you have to glide in the updraft created by a bird. This part is very frustrating because it is difficult to stay in the updraft.
  10. Several audio glitches, such as music not playing at all in a level.
  11. Atrociously emotionless voice acting. It becomes immediately obvious that none of the movie’s cast reprise their respective roles.
  12. Generic "action platformer" gameplay, with typical enemies like giant scorpions and killer bees, and levels like a "magma world", "water world", among others.
  13. Boring combat- You don't even get to use melee weapons at all.
  14. Extremely short. The game can be beaten in one to three hours.
  15. Along with the short length of the game, two of the Toa don't have full action-platforming levels to fight enemies like the rest of the Toa, instead the levels you play them in are only minigame levels.
  16. Bare-minimum replayability.


MobyGames user Qlberts says that there is nothing good about the game, deeming it as a quick cash-in.

The Bargain Boy felt that despite having the imagination that was present in the series, the game falters on anything else.

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