Borderpatroll game

Border Patrol is a Flash-based game that lets players shoot at Mexican immigrants as they try to cross the border into the United States. "There's one simple rule," as the game's opening screen states: "keep them out ... at any cost!"

Border Patrol has upset many immigrants' rights groups, as well as others. But the game is nothing new, as hate groups and those just looking to ruffle some feathers have long used Flash-based games to spread messages of hate.

In Border Patrol, players are told to target one of three immigrant groups portrayed in a negative, stereotypical way as the figures rush past a sign that reads "Welcome to the United States." The immigrants are caricatured as bandoleer-wearing "Mexican nationalists," tattoo-touting "drug smugglers" and pregnant "breeders" who sprint with children in tow.

Why It Sucks

  1. As discussed above, this game is racist against Mexicans and other immigrants.
  2. Repetitive gameplay.
  3. Bad graphics.
  4. The targets slow down when you're not shooting.
  5. The game is anti-Semitic too, as it depicts the US flag with a Star of David.

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