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Brash Entertainment, LLC was a video game publisher focusing exclusively on licensed games. The company was co-founded in March 2007 by Thomas Tull, Bert Ellis, Nicholas Longano, and Mitch Davis and was based in Hollywood, California.

The company had a promising start; it was invested in by several private equity firms, raising over $400 million and it received a large amount of publicity in its first months. It was expected that Brash would become one of the next big names in video game publishing. By the end of 2007, the company had acquired the rights to over 40 licenses through deals with five major film studios.

However, the company was facing bankruptcy the next year due to several ill-advised business decisions. The company's CEO, Mitch Davis, had no prior experience in video game publishing, and none of the other co-founders had ever worked in the industry.

What really caused the company to go downhill however, was a misjudged deal they struck with 20th Century Fox to produce tie-in video games for their upcoming features. Brash initially approached them in the hopes of producing a Night at the Museum game, and were told that in order to gain access to the license, they'd have to sign a contract that would have them publish several other games first. These titles would use lesser-known IPs such as the movies Jumper and Space Chimps. Not only that, but the movies were also releasing the following year, which gave their developers less than a year to produce the games. The result was a set of hastily thrown together movie tie-in games that received a critical mauling, and sold below expectations.

These titles tarnished the image of the Brash name, and made developers wary of working with them. Things were looking up in their final months of business, as they were gaining access to more vaulable licenses such as DC Comics' superheroes and the Saw film. They were also collaborating with more experienced game developers, and allowed more time to make the games and gave them more money. However, it was ultimately too little, too late. Brash shut down in November 2008.

List of Games Published

  1. Alvin and the Chipmunks (2008)
  2. Jumper: Griffin's Story (2008)
  3. Space Chimps (2008)
  4. The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

Why These Games Sucked

  1. Boring gameplay.
  2. Lackluster visuals.
  3. Poor audio.
  4. No replay value.
  5. Very buggy.

Games Released Under New Publishers

  1. Saw (2009; published by Konami)
  2. Six Flags: Fun Park (2009; published by Ubisoft)
  3. Prison Break (2010; published by Deep Silver)
  4. Clash of Titans (2010; published by Bandai Namco Games)