Bubble Bobble Revolution

They obviously didn't bug test the game properly!

'Bubble Bobble Revolution is a 2D platformer for the Nintendo DS. developed by Dreams, Inc. And published by Taito in Japan, Rising Star Games and Atari in Europe and Codemasters in America.


Bubble Bobble Revolution contains 2 modes, Revolution and Classic. Classic mode is a port of the original Bubble Bobble in its pixel-perfect glory and Revolution mode is an entire new game containing new levels and bosses.

Why it Sucks

The main reason why the game sucks is a Game-Breaking Bug in the Revolution Mode. The boss that's supposed to be in Level 30 never appears, making getting to Levels 31-100 normally impossible. The bug however only affects the North-American copies of the game. The Japanese and European copies are unaffected.

The classic Mode also has problems. Trying to view the level was a pain, as you could ether look at a pixelated map of the level, or just look at it from a viewing point, The music was also a horrible remix of the original. these problems were the exact same problems from Bubble Bobble: Old and New.


Due to the game breaking bug, the game receved extremely negative reviews by critics.