Call of Duty: Ghosts is a military first-person-shooter game and an entry in the Call of Duty franchise, released in 2013.


You play as Logan Walker, a member of the Ghosts task force, an elite American spec ops unit, which is no longer a superpower, and fight an anti-American nation founded by Diego Almagro known simply as "the Federation". In an attempt to destroy the Ghosts, the Federation decides to unleash their ultimate weapon: a former Ghost named Gabriel Rorke.

Why it Sucks

  1. The game development mainly focused on graphics, resulting in various story holes and problems.
  2. The game removed iconic gamemodes from the COD franchise. For example, Capture the Flag.
  3. The unlock system is corrupt and mixed up.
  4. The weapons are too powerful in Damage, Rate of Fire, Clip Size, Range, etc.
  5. The commentary always talks about the same thing (Rorke).
  6. Uninspired storyline, with unlikable and forgettable protagonists who commit morally questionable acts. Rorke is also considered to be the worst villain in the entire series due to a terrible backstory and at the end of the game he's clearly shot to death on-screen and sinks underwater, yet somehow survives just fine with zero explanation.
  7. The "Federation" is offensive to Latin Americans. It portrays them as terrorists that band together to wage the war against the United States for no reason whatsoever.
  8. The main character Logan has less personality than a cardboard box, unlike David Mason from Black Ops II. He doesn't even say a single word nor is ever actually seen on-screen because of the first-person view.
  9. Unfortunate implications galore. All minority characters are villains-the only one who isn't died mere moments after being introduced and women that are not soldiers are treated like objects.
  10. Awful sequel-bait ending, in which Rorke kidnaps and tortures you into joining the Federation.
  11. The dog was hyped in advertisements yet is only used in a few early missions and rarely shows up after that.
  12. The single-player campaign has been criticised for not adopting the changes that Black Ops II introduced, such as multiple endings and branching paths.
  13. Too derivative, as it recycled scenes and plot points from not only older COD games (an example being Ghost, who is a major character in Modern Warfare 2), but also movies, such as (especially) the Star Wars original trilogy, Moonraker, The Dark Knight Rises, and more. Some people went as far as dubbing the game Modern Warfare 4 because of these clichés.
  14. The maps were lazily designed and made large to cover this up. Infinity Ward and Activision tried to rectify this by releasing DLC packs consisting of smaller maps, but by then, it was already too late (see below).
  15. Assets and entire cutscene animations were ripped verbatim from previous games. The intro cutscene was an example of this, as the animations were recycled from MW2's ending.
  16. Speaking about maps, One of the map in campaign is located in Bangkok, Thailand. But it was designed as Tropical Forest.
  17. Less features and slower framerate on the PC version, which is downright insulting considering the series' roots, dating back to 2003, are on the PC.
  18. The Wii U version does not have any of the Downloadable content and patches present in the other versions, not unlike Black Ops II’s own Wii U version.
  19. Poor presentation before the game's release. The developer introduced a "feature" in the "next-gen" game engine dubbed, "Fish AI" in which the fish moves out of the way when you get close to them. This kind of technology dates back since Super Mario 64 and even games before this, such as GTA San Andreas had this kind of feature!! The developers were bragging about fish in the background that have zero effect on the gameplay and most won't even notice!
  20. The main campaign is very short, you can beat it in about 4 hours.


Critics have given Call of Duty: Ghosts good ratings, but it got negative reviews from Call of Duty fans. Also, most of the fandom moved on as a result of Ghosts’ disappointment. It is deemed to be the most disappointing (but not the worst) game in the series, and is often on several "worst games of 2013" lists. It is also widely considered to have been the beginning of the Call of Duty franchise's decline.

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