According to this game, diabetes is a superpower.

Captain Novolin is a plaformer/edutainment game released for the Super NES in 1992 by Sculptured Software.


Evil shapeshifting aliens have invaded the town and kidnapped the mayor. You are Captain Novolin, a superhero whose superpower is that he has Diabetes (no kidding, that's really his "power" and the game treats it as such), and must save the day. However, the aliens all disguised themselves as sweets and junk food.

Why it Sucks

  1. Horrible graphics.
  2. Bad controls. It is very difficult to jump over enemies.
  3. The "hero" lacks superpowers and weapons. He only jumps over his enemies.
  4. In order to kill enemies, you have to press down when near an enemy (you don't even need to jump over him).
  5. Bad collision detection.
  6. Annoying sounds, including screeches that you hear whenever your character does anything that isn't walking forward.
  7. Between stages you're treated to trivia about diabetes and play a pointless minigame where you inject Insulin to control your blood sugar level.


Tats Top 100 Shittiest Games Part 2

Tats Top 100 Shittiest Games Part 2

Captain Novolin was ranked at number 39