Crappy games that use SJW narratives and agendas, the most infamous being Depression Quest. While these games can and often are praised by game journalists (which is another reason many are no longer reliable sources) and social justice warriors, real gamers hate these games. The following are how an SJW game can be identified:

  1. Lack of challenge: These games are extremely easy to beat and won't provide a challenge. Often times, it's impossible to lose at these games, which just makes them no fun at all.
  2. Lack of gameplay: These games have almost no gameplay to them whatsoever, focusing more on the story than anything else. Sometimes the gameplay is so lacking, some gamers don't even regard them as games at all.
  3. Praised by game journalists but hated by gamers. Along with Gamers Are Dead, this is another reason why game journalism is dying out and why web reviewers are becoming more accepted for game reviews.
  4. More focused on visuals than the game itself. This creates worlds that gamers can only explore rather than interact with.
  5. Filled with SJW propaganda, such as political correctness and trying to force gamers to play non-violent games

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