Catwoman is a 2004 platforming beat 'em up video game developed by EA Bright Light and was published by Electronic Arts, released for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and PC, and Xbox. It is a tie in with the 2004 movie of the same name.


Catwoman follows the tale of Patience Phillips, a shy office peon in the Hedare corporate empire. She accidentally discovers her employers' dark secret and is subsequently murdered. However, death won't stop Patience from seeking vengeance. Our heroine is brought back to life by a magical Egyptian cat. Patience soon discovers that along with her restored life, she has received several "cat powers" that will enable her revenge. Thus, Catwoman is born.

Why it Sucks

  1. Catwoman can't take down enemies unless you shove them into stage hazards. A heroine that can't take down enemies herself. That's stupid, if not offensive.
  • It's worth noting that the game is meant to be family-friendly since you cannot defeat enemies... however, considering how risqué/sexualized Catwoman's character herself is, it sounds contradictory.
  1. Awful camera. You can't properly platform in the game because the camera constantly gets stuck on objects in front of it and the camera is often angled so that you can't gauge the jump.
  2. The platforming is completely broken! Catwoman constantly fails to successfully land jumps that she should have managed unless you do it some very obscurely specific way.
  3. Missing certain jumps forces you to redo a significant chunk of the level as there is no recovery shortcut and you have to slowly trudge through the previous section of the level you already did.
  4. Bad story.
  5. Unresponsive and bad controls.
  6. Poor level design.
  7. Using the game's cat vision at some stages causes the vision to go red and you take damage.
  8. Horrendous visuals, especially on the PC.
  9. Poor voice acting.
  10. Many of Catwoman's upgrades are trivial. All upgrades are exclusively for combat. The only ones of use are the ability to whip guns out of enemies' hands, and a powerup called Domination which builds up a bar to supercharge your attacks.
  11. Poor soundtrack.
  12. Poor fighting mechanics
  13. Frame rate problems.
  14. You attack enemies by moving the C/Right stick.
  15. Poor level design
  16. No 2-player co-op game mode
  17. No replay value.
  18. Several inconsistencies with the movie.
    • Detective Lone's haircut is white rather than black in the movie. Also, in the movie, Laurel Hedare killed her husband, George. In the game, however, he is still alive.
  19. Style over Substance: The game's platforming and the camera aim to be stylish instead of what you could do with the game mechanics itself.
  20. The platforming sections in the game boil down to trial and error instead of skill; each platforming section has a predictable pattern until memorized, there is no sense of a satisfying reward when you complete them.
  21. False Advertising: The back of the game's box claims "Whip into action to conquer your enemies and dominate your surroundings" and "Combine fluid kicks and flips to unleash Catwoman's explosive style." neither of which the game has. Many of the mentioned "attacks" are just to satisfy gamers that like beat'em ups, platforming, and guess what? You can't kill enemies with your whip or kick. They can't die. The attacks will always keep enemies alive, but they are stunned for a brief moment.
    • The cover art shows Catwoman with her whip, but she can't use it in-game.


The game, just like the movie, received negative reviews. It holds a score of a 46 on Metacritic.