Cheetahmen 2 is a platform game that was supposed to be released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was the sequel to Cheetahmen which was one of the games in the infamous Action 52. It may have started while Action 52 was still in the market, but due to the abysmal quality of Action 52, Cheetahmen 2 was canceled and 1500 cartridges were sealed in a warehouse. In 1996 however, the cartridges were found and this is now very valuable to game collectors. The cartridges that had Cheetahmen 2 in it were actually reused Action 52 cartridges that just had a gold sticker that said Cheetamen II on it.


Mad scientist Dr. Morbis kills a mother cheetah while on safari in Africa, then takes her three cubs for his genetic research. Subjected to his experiments, the cubs grow into half-cheetah, half-human creatures. Once they learn of Morbis' evil plans, they turn on him, and he, in turn, creates an army of half-animal humans (known as "Sub-Humans") to stop the Cheetahmen once and for all.

Why it Sucks

  1. Elements of the story directly contradict the first NES Action 52 game. In the first Cheetahmen game the Cheetahmen were game characters, but in Cheetahmen II they're mutants in real life.
  2. This game is glitch incarnate. Because this was never finished, this entire game is covered in nothing but glitches. There are patches and ROMs that fix this on the internet though.
  3. The vast majority of the flaws, problems, and game glitches in the first Cheetahmen game also return in the sequel, such as the infinite jump glitch.
  4. The game mechanics are not consistent from level from level. For example using the jump glitch can kill you in some levels while doing it in other levels will not kill you.
  5. The game sometimes experiences slowdown, especially if you use the infinite jump glitch.
  6. It's impossible to access some levels. Defeating the boss on level four (incorrectly referred to as LEVEL 3 in game which is also used as the title of the real level three) does not warp you to level five. Sometimes when you launch the game it starts on level five.
  7. The health gauge in the upper left corner is hard to read due to the strange X pattern used for the sections of the gauge. To determine how much health you have in the first level you count the holes in the gauge. In later levels you count the circles in the center of the x crosses.
  8. The health gauge is inconsistent in appearance, with the palettes changing in each level the gauges change appearance as well due to it using a palette that changes with each level.
  9. Hercules is unable to take down enemies from a distance, or even low on the ground. It is also very difficult to make him jump over enemies such as a worm, thus forcing you to take damage unless you use a jumping glitch.
  10. Invisible coin blocks are placed wherever throughout the level potentially blocking you from jumping and causing you to take damage from enemies you were trying to jump over.
  11. Since this was never finished, it's impossible to beat the game. You can only get as far as the game will allow you.
  12. This game was so incomplete level five (which is inaccessible unless a game glitch occurs) is actually ripped straight from the first Cheetahmen game on Action 52.
  13. The architecture in levels loop at least once so you will go through the same geometry multiple times during a level. This can cause you to incorrectly believe you were warped back in the level.
  14. The final boss in level six of the game is Cygore, a henchman of Doctor Morbis, not the Ape Man which is the strongest Sub-Human made.