Chicken Shoot is a shooting video game released originally in 2000 by Toontraxx for the PC and ported to the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Wii by Frontline Studios.

Why it Sucks

  1. Repetitive and pointless shooting.
  2. Terrible music.
  3. Ugly, dated graphics.
  4. Repetitive use of the chickens.
  5. Poor sound effects.
  6. Generic controls.
  7. A sequel of this game, Chicken Shoot 2, is exactly the same as the first game, except that it takes place on a snow level.


The game received extremely unforgiving reviews, with IGN giving the game a 2.0 (Painful) out of 10, Reviews on the Run giving the game a 0.0 and -2.0, and NGamer giving the game a 7%. Gamesradar ranked it as one of the worst games of all time list, calling it the worst piece of shovelware for the Wii. It is often considered by many to be the worst game on the Wii.

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