Club Penguin Island is a massive-multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile devices. It is the successor of Club Penguin. The game was released worldwide on March 29, 2017. The game's public beta testing period took place in Australia and New Zealand from December 15, 2016 and in Canada from January 13, 2017 to its worldwide releases.

Why It Sucks

  1. Micro-Transactions: You can only play for a week (seven days), because you have to pay if you want to play for longer than that. Also, during the opening of the game, players are promised a free seven-day membership trial after creating their penguins, but the trial isn't even free. This completely contradicts how the original was free-to-play.
  2. You need to be a member in order to do almost everything in the game. While the game's predecessor had this, you were able to do things other than aimlessly roam!
  3. Excessive amounts of glitches.
  4. It lacks a lot of features that the original Club Penguin had, most notably the Puffles, which were one of the biggest things on the original Club Penguin.
  5. You can get banned very easily.
  6. Severe lag that can sometimes crash the game at points (especially on Android devices).
  7. The plot is horrible and paper-thin. While this could be excusable since Club Penguin had paper-thin plots, they were passable and it were way more enjoyable with variety in them.
  8. Most of the music is recycled from the original Club Penguin.
  9. An insufferable fanbase consisting of Club Penguin nostalgiatards that talk and always lament about how they miss the original Club Penguin. They have also stated that it was not the successor they wanted, as they would rather play the Rewritten version (It was closed, but will thankfully come back in April 2018) or Club Penguin Online.
  10. When it was released, it looked unfinished.
  11. Club Penguin was discontinued in favor of this sorry excuse of a game.
  12. If you only try the free trial and delete it, you're still charged for a game you never paid for and that's not even on your mobile device.
  13. The Quests boil down to collecting a few items and running back to the quest-giver. In other words, they are nothing but mere Fetch Quests.
  14. The Party Games must be bought at shops and are only allowed by Members.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting is decent.
  2. The recent PC port of the game runs much better than the mobile version.
  3. While Membership ruins the overall experience, at least Disney's attempting to fix the damage already caused by adding more new things to it (e.g. Igloos are back!)
  4. Economically, this game can be excusable. Club Penguin was suffering from a low fanbase at the time, Adobe Flash was getting outdated at the time, and it was costing way too much to continue.


The game's announcement, along with the closure of the original Club Penguin, upset many fans of the original. Club Penguin Island garnered mostly negative user reviews upon its worldwide release, and many players criticized Disney's choice to discontinue the original Club Penguin.