Club Penguin Island

Where the outrage begins.

Club Penguin Island is a massive-multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile devices. It is the successor of Club Penguin. The game was released worldwide on March 29, 2017. The game's public beta testing period took place in Australia and New Zealand from December 15, 2016 and in Canada from January 13, 2017 to its worldwide releases.

Why it Sucks

  1. The game is full of micro-transactions: you have to pay up a ton of money just to play for only about a week or a month.
  2. Full of glitches that frequently crash the game.
  3. It removed most of the elements from the original game.
  4. You can get banned very easily.
  5. Many fans of the original have stated that this game is not the successor they wanted as they would rather play the Rewritten version.
  6. If you go on and play, most of the people online talk about how they miss the old Club Penguin.

Redeemable Qualities

  1. It's the first Club Penguin video game with voice acting.


The game's announcement, along with the closure of the original Club Penguin, upset many players of the original. Club Penguin Island garnered mostly negative user reviews upon its worldwide release, and many players questioned Disney's choice in discontinuing the original Club Penguin.

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