Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is a real-time tactics game and the last entry in the Tiberium sub-series of the Command & Conquer franchise. It was made by EA Los Angeles and was released in 2010.

Despite positive critical reception, the game was panned by players and fans, who felt that the game is a huge step down from the rest of the series.


15 years after the Third Tiberium War, Tiberium has evolved to the point that it begins to spread at a rate that could render Earth uninhabitable. The leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane, forms an alliance with his former enemy, the Global Defense Initiative, to form a Tiberium Control Network.

Within the next 15 years, the spread of Tiberium has stopped. However, separatist factions that split off from both Nod and GDI begin to cause unrest, kickstarting a fourth war.

Why it Sucks

  1. Overly different gameplay from the earlier games. There is no base building, no resource gathering, no sidebar, and for some reason, a population cap (from the console versions of Red Alert 3 and Command & Conquer 3) is added. This is caused by the fact that the game was originally going to be an MMO spinoff before being merged into the main series.
  2. The Scrin from the third game is no longer playable, much to the chagrin of fans and players alike. In fact, they just sort of disappear, even though the third game (and its expansion pack, Kane’s Wrath) heavily implied that the Scrin would launch another attack on Earth.
  3. Below average graphics for 2010 standards.
  4. Despite the story implies that tiberium (which were the main resources that can be collected to build a base and units) has spread around the world, instead you had to collect a small pieces of tiberium from specific spots to upgrade units or activate skills.
  5. Weak storyline, complete with a disappointing ending to boot.
  6. The series’ recurring villain, Kane, goes out-of-character (being a hero, for instance) for most of the campaign mode.
  7. Unmemorable cast of characters.