Cosmic Race

Cosmic Race (Japanese: コズミックレース Kozumikku Rēsu) is a Japan-only racing game for the PlayStation by Neorex. It was the only game they have ever made.

Why It Sucks

  1. The control scheme is needlessly complicated and convoluted. To make things worse, it is impossible to remap any of the buttons.
  2. Even the menu controls are horrible. The D-pad is unresponsive and unlike nearly every other Playstation game ever, only the start button can be used to advance through menus, not X or O.
  3. The menu controls are inconsistent depending on where you're at in the game. After the race is finished you have actually have to press X to continue to the next race- pressing start at this menu will just make you play the track you just raced on all over again
  4. The game fails to create any sense of urgency. See points 7 and 14
  5. Every track consists of a random mishmash of graphics with only 4 types of track to choose from
  6. The overhead maps for each track the game shows you before racing are so low-res they look like pixelated vomit, rendering them completely useless
  7. Instead of short courses with multiple laps, every track has a linear "Point A to point B" design that is ridiculously long and boring to the point of each track taking up to several minutes to complete
  8. A pointless 360 degrees camera.
  9. Forgettable MIDI soundtrack.
  10. Awful graphics. In fact, some of the graphics were stolen from a devkit.
  11. Unappealing character and vehicle designs.
  12. Terrible collision detection- often you will just clip right through the balloon at the end of the track that needs to be popped to win the race.
  13. The timer only counts down when the player is outside the track
  14. The only challenge in the game is trying to stay on the track since the AI opponents always race at a fixed speed. letting the player stay ahead of them easily
  15. Extremely long load-times
  16. Whenever you load a savefile the game forces you to watch a full replay of the previous track you raced on, adding several unnecessary minutes of waiting to get to the next race
  17. For a game called "Cosmic Race" only the last couple of tracks take place in an outer-space environment
  18. On every other track your vehicle actually loses speed the higher you are above the ground
  19. Poorly-drawn 2D artwork, especially in the game's manual


The Game Players Magazine gave this game a 0%, naming the rating after it.

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