Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks is a 2005 PC first-person shooter game developed by Silverfish Studios and published by ValuSoft.


The game begins with a scene with a "hick" looking into a body of water and seeing a bunch of green slime coming out of a nearby pipeline. The game officially starts with the main character Steve Earl drinking moonshine while being yelled at by his wife and sister who says their goat Dixie has gone missing. Earl's wife and sister then says she thinks it is the Hatfields who stole the goat, and she says Sheriff Cletus won't do anything about it. So Earl decides to take it in his own hands and try to find out who stole his goat Dixie. Earl notices his keys to his truck are missing and decides to go ask his friend Skeeter where his keys are. While going to his friends Skeeter's house Earl notices there are zombies everywhere for no clear reason. Earl finally finds Skeeter, but Skeeter just keeps rambling incoherent stories that have nothing to do with Earl's keys. Then for some reason not explained Earl can get in his car. Earl then heads over to the Hatfield farm. There the Hatfields are being attacked by zombies and the Hatfields will kill Earl if he comes close. Soon the Hatfields are killed by the zombies and Earl can go into the barn. He finds out his goat Dixie is not actually in the barn, so earl the meets up with Sheriff Cletus. Apparently Earl's truck has gone missing. Earl gets on the back of Cletus police car, and the game turns into a rail shooter. They eventually find his truck and Earl heads to the through the nuclear plant with his truck to town. At the town Earl is locked up in jail by a random police officer who wants to protect him fro the zombies. The officer also tells him that someone needs to take the boat to stop the evil mad scientists. Earl somehow escapes the jail, but a game breaking glitch makes it hard to tell how it happened. Earl then heads to the government facility described by the police officer, with the boat also described by the officer. Upon arriving at the facility Earl meets a mad scientist who caused the zombie outbreak, and stole Earl's goat for some reason not clear. Earl defeats the scientist but for most people playing the game a glitch takes place and the ending of the game cannot be seen.

Why It Sucks

  1. Many glitches and bugs.
  2. The game will crash to the desktop when ran at higher settings.
  3. Extremely long loading times: the opening loading screen can take up to 2 minutes to load.
  4. Dated graphics.
  5. Poor voice acting, including a main character who does an unfunny Elvis impersonation.
  6. Offensive stereotyping of Rednecks and Southerners.
  7. Extremely short campaign that can be finished in 1-2 hours.
  8. Horrendous driving controls. Your truck will often get stuck, causing you to reload.
  9. The section that involves driving a boat has even worse controls.
  10. Humans and zombies can be killed with one shot, but mutant animals can take up to a dozen shots to kill.
  11. You collect and drink moonshine, but it has little to no effect.
  12. The final "boss" can be defeated with a SINGLE SHOT!
  13. After completing the main campaign, the game continues in god mode.