The definitive Venezuelan bus simulator! Now on sale on Etsy for $29.99!

Crazybus Screenshot

Crazybus gameplay

CrazyBus is an unlicensed Venezuelan Sega Genesis "game" released in 2004. In truth, it is a tech demo and was created to test out the creator's BASIC compiler and sound driver, but was then self-released as a product for the Sega Genesis for some odd reason.

Why It Sucks

  1. The unimaginably terrible title screen music. No words can describe how earsplittingly horrible the music is.
  2. It was released for the Sega Genesis... in 2004! This was long after that console was discontinued.
  3. The only gameplay is moving the bus forward or backward with the D-Pad to rack up points. The max amount you can get is 65535, or you can just drive it in reverse at the start to achieve this instantly. You can also honk the horn.
  4. The game has no goal to complete, and barely any gameplay, making it difficult to even classify the gameplay as actual gameplay.
  5. The graphics are very grainy.
  6. The text is near unreadable due to the choice of color and the background incidentally having near exact colors.
  7. The only other thing you can do is honk the horn.
  8. This has already been mentioned before but OH GOD THE MUSIC.
  9. It costs 30 bucks on Etsy, when in reality it's worthless.

The Only Redeeming Quality

Similar to Hong Kong 97 and Big Rigs, this tech demo had a little cult and became a meme inside of the classic gamer community because of its awfulness. However, unlike the former two, only the title screen music of CrazyBus is often mocked instead of the whole.

Buy this game if you dare (and have the money).....

And while you're at it, buy a Sega Genesis and AV cables. In case you want to see if CrazyBus has BLAST PROCESSING.



WARNING: Listening to this for too long may cause your eardrums to explode!

Crazy Bus Title Screen

Crazy Bus Title Screen

The infamous title screen music of CrazyBus