Cybermorph is a 3D space flight simulator released in 1993 for the Atari Jaguar by Attention to Detail. It was the system's launch title and pack-in game.

Why it Sucks

  1. Dull gameplay. Levels are huge, barren wastelands with almost nothing on them.
  2. The game has no music at all.
  3. Ugly polygonal graphics that are barely above the original Starfox for the Super Nintendo.
  4. Terrible draw distance. Mountains often appear only when you are near them, giving you little time to react.
  5. Skylar will say either "Avoid the ground" or "Where did you learn to fly?" every single time you crash into something. It will get on your last nerve FAST.
    • This is made worse by the aforementioned bad draw distance.
  6. When you die, the game respawns you exactly where you died, meaning that if you died via crashing into an obstacle, you will most likely crash into it again the moment you respawn.
  7. Even worse, there's no voice-acting credits! Seriously, it's like Attention to Detail picked a random British lady off the street, had her record a few lines of dialogue, paid her and then excused her.