Philip Burnell, also known as DarksydePhil, DSPGaming, and KOGaming, is a 36-year-old YouTube video gaming personality that is best known for doing let's plays with live commentary and combating SOPA. Due to constant trolling and negative backlash towards some of his videos, he has been given the nickname "The King of Hate" and has a rather small fanbase following. He also has a website which was taken down at one point (but his fans helped him bring it back).

Why He Sucks

  1. He is completely driven by greed, as he is willing to do anything for a quick buck. It has ruined his relationships, and his Let's Play quality has gotten progressively worse to this day. He claims that he does Let's Plays for fun, but he clearly doesn't. In fact, you can tell just by watching him.
    • He was once suspended from Google AdSense after he made some videos telling his fans to click on the ads that appeared on his videos. Even 8 years after this happened, he continues to deny that it was his fault.
    • He monetized his response video to the death of Howard and John Rambo's friend (not to be confused with the titular character from the movie franchise) because they both cut ties with him and he was desperate for money to pay for his bills, etc.
    • He has been known to use others for his own gain, such as making his ex-partner, Leanna (PandaLee) his housemaid by making her do all of his housework and cooking his meals. Phil's greed can be summarised in this audio log by two of his former friends.
    • He even went so far as to boycott Atlus games simply because he could no longer make money off of his Persona 5 playthrough.
    • He is a notorious E-beggar, constantly asking for tips and donations on Twitch and YouTube. At one point, his begging got so bad that it led to a temporary ban from Twitch and YouTube.
  2. He cannot take responsibility for anything he does. Like in his playthroughs, he blames everyone other than himself for his failings in life and cannot take responsibility for his own actions. If his views tank, he blames YouTube. If a playthrough under-performs, he will blame his audience. If personal information gets out, he blames detractors for it. Like many others who preach about growth and positivity, he gives off an aura of negative energy whenever he's on camera.
  3. He treats his fans like garbage, like banning them just for having different opinions than him, lying to them constantly, blaming them for poor viewership, and even psychologically manipulating them into giving him more money.
    • As further evidence of this, if a fan says anything other than praise for Phil, or says anything unrelated to the game he's playing, he will ban them from the stream chat. Even asking a question he doesn't want to answer is enough for him to ban you from his chat!
    • Phil has on more than one occasion outright bullied his own fans when they say anything that remotely takes attention away from him as he rambles about his own problems, such as the infamous Wardogleader encounter. Instead of doing the decent thing and talking to him, he made blind assumptions and accused him of trolling (on stream no less), and blatantly told his viewers to "go f**k themselves" if they tried to defend the fan in question.
  4. One of the biggest problems with Phil is his highly toxic attitude and personality. He acts narcissistic, cocky, arrogant, abrasive, condescending, entitled, and defensive towards anyone he interacts with.
  5. He is a bad actor as well, as he has shown numerous times that he cannot convey shock, surprise, or even anger convincingly.
  6. He acts like a child despite being in his 30's. This covers many things from his sense of entitlement, his treatment of video games, his handling of criticism, treatment of everyone around him, and refusal to take responsibility for his own failings. He still acts butthurt over a Wolverine action figure his parents didn't buy him when he was 15 to this very day. (Yes, 15!)
  7. He lied about his own diet and eating habits. He claims that he's on a "healthy diet", but he eats unhealthy fast food on a daily basis instead of eating more healthy foods like fruits or vegetables. An infamous example of this would be his "review" of Jack in the Box's Garlic Cheddar Buttery Jack Burger, in which he calls it "disgusting, sloppy, and too greasy". He ignored his own criticism and proceeded to eat it anyway. (GROSS!)
  8. His sense of morality is just as twisted as his sense of humor; he will constantly condemn other people for whatever shameful behavior they may or may not exhibit, and then give weak excuses as to why it's okay for him to do it.
    • Phil bitched mightily about people getting games and playing early before God of War (2018) came out, saying that it is unfair, but he went on record to state that he is going to play State of Decay 2 four days early while giving some pitiful excuse for wanting to do so.
  9. Aside from whining and moaning, he was extremely annoying to the point he always quirks a lot and kept saying "dude!" in a loud voice several times during his playthroughs.
  10. He is extremely lazy; he can't be bothered to edit his playthroughs because he believes that his audience wants "raw, unedited" video playthroughs of games. In reality, it's because it requires almost no effort on his part.
    • In a recent pre-stream, when Phil talked about his new girlfriend, the first thing he talked about was "how clean she made his house". This implies that he can't even be bothered to do any housework; once, when describing how dusty his gaming set-up was, he said that he doesn't go near it because "guys don't clean".
  11. He uses Patreon to scam money from people by asking for well over $1,000 to do playthroughs of certain games, and he almost never lives up to his goals. He once cut off Crash Bandicoot 2 (which he'd already got $1,250 for) and asked for another $1,250 just to finish the game.
    • He was meant to reboot his series, Project 7 after hitting the funding goal on his Patreon in July 2015. Instead, he canceled the project and kept the money without offering refunds.
  12. He is a massive hypocrite, with some examples below:
    • He will chastise other streamers for hamming it up on camera, but he has done so himself countless times, with cringe-worthy (and sometimes hilarious) results.
    • He claims that TIHYDPs were ruining his channel, but was more than happy to allow his fans to make them for his KOGaming channel.
    • He went on a tirade recently about people getting early copies of God of War (2018) and playing them early. He claims to hate the practice yet he himself has gotten early copies of games, and played them before release date too, such as Fallout 4 and Dark Souls III.
    • He once claimed that real gamers use surround sound speakers instead of headsets, but got a headset not long after making said claim.
    • He has called out game critics for "a lack of professional responsibility" by reviewing games without finishing them, yet he reviewed Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 and Homefront: The Revolution without finishing them.
    • He hates it when a game so much as gives him a slight challenge and will complain endlessly when a game kicks his backside. And yet he complained that Rise of the Tomb Raider was too easy. Reinforced by the fact that he rarely changes the difficulty of the game (if it is selectable).
    • He has name-dropped Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, Jackscepticeye, Jim Sterling, and other popular Let's Players on numerous occasions, yet condemned AlphaOmegaSin for name-dropping him in his Street Fighter V rant video.
  13. DSP is not only a bad gamer, but he is also an unpleasant individual. He insults his fans, other people, games, game developers, Twitch streamers, and anyone else he dislikes. He'll even insult the fans of whatever game he's playing if he's in a really bad mood. He once threatened a YouTube user called BeAwesomeOne (who is known for criticising Phil) by threatening to share his personal information.
  14. He has comments disabled on his YouTube videos (since September 2017) to prevent viewers from commenting on his mistakes and name calling, etc. (which has been a staple on TIHYDP videos where the uploader would embed commentary by the viewers on-screen on his playthroughs).
    • He'll also ban anyone who challenges his opinions, then proceed to mock them since they can no longer argue back, which is a sign of cowardice.
  15. He puts some games given to him for free behind a paywall before he would play them to upload videos on YouTube. It took him 4 months to play Super Mario Sunshine, which was funded through Patreon.
  16. When his former girlfriend, Leanna (PandaLee), bashed the Kingdom Hearts series and trolled its fans during his Kingdom Hearts playthrough, he berated his viewers for arguing with her (even though she was trolling, to begin with). He even put his stream chat into subscribers-only mode because of this incident.
  17. He encouraged his fans to spam a player's inbox for asking a question about the aforementioned "Kingdom Hearts incident". He didn't even apologize to the person in question, despite the backlash he got.
  18. His unfunny, obnoxious, sexist, vulgar, egotistical, venomous attitude when he's trying to laugh. His laugh is another infamous trait of his, often likened to a dying seal or hyena.
  19. He infamously masturbated on camera during a livestream (due to the fact that he left his webcam on during an intermission, which he didn't realize until he was finished), subsequently becoming an internet laughing stock. On his tweet, he claimed that he was "scratching his legs". Despite this claim, he proceeded to ban people talking about it, only to soon decide to embrace this event once he realized that it temporarily brought him increased publicity, thinking that it could also increase his income.
    • Due to his cowardly behavior after this infamous moment a year later, during his Friday the 13th: The Game online playthrough, while the other players were making fun of him about masturbating on his stream, he immediately switched voice party into his own private party to mute their voice chat.
    • This happened AGAIN in February 2018. Even though Phil (thankfully) turned his camera off, his microphone was still on. He claimed that he was just "stretching" and then he goes on a short rant to chastise viewers that he was doing it.
  20. He is extremely arrogant, claiming to be one of the best gamers in the country, despite evidence to the contrary. Notably, he believes himself to be the best Street Fighter player in the U.S. because he placed 4th in a tournament (which used a broken port of Street Fighter II), even though he used Akuma, who was soft-banned.
    • It should be noted that Phil originally got the nickname "The King of Hate" because of his behavior during fighting game tournaments he participated in, (trash talking, crying when he loses, poor sportsmanship, etc.) though he claims that he got it because of his honest and unpopular opinions. One example is after being disqualified from a tournament for his rude behavior, Phil rudely tells the tourney official that he can run the tournament better than him.
    • He even treats spending so many years on YouTube and having tens of thousands of videos on his channel as if it's some crowning achievement, but it's not (he has over 50,000 videos). As further proof of how arrogant he is, he makes an enormous deal about the amount of time he's been a content creator, though he is the only person who actually cares, and 10 years on YT is not something to be proud of!
    • In May 2018, he made an arrogant tweet claiming that those who played State of Decay 2 a week early were paid shills and that he was better than them because he paid for the game. The backlash was so immense that he was forced to delete the tweet, and then (very poorly) explain the situation using the tired and clichéd "out of context" excuse.
  21. He shares his personal life without caring about the consequences of doing so. His pre-stream videos can be over an hour long because he rambles on at length about his life. He even uploaded a video of himself taking a shower while reviewing AXE Body Detailer + Body Wash. He even also uploaded a video of himself eating unhealthy foods to disgust viewers about his eating habits on-screen.
    • He relays his financial issues to his viewers, yet he takes vacations in expensive hotels which are usually a quick drive away from home, buys fancy cars that he barely uses, and has bought numerous figures and other memorabilia that take up space on his shelves. He mostly blames YouTube for all of his financial issues. He treats his position as a right, instead of as a privilege.
  22. He cannot take even the slightest bit of criticism, going as far as issuing false copyright claims against people who uploaded "This Is How You DON'T Play" videos, which he ironically cries foul over since he was a victim of them himself in 2015.
  23. Back to the situation with scandals over Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, he made a video complaining about GamerGate, with all of his statements being really poor.
  24. His fanbase is just as toxic as he is; attempts to start debates with them will result in slanderous accusations, threats of violence, comment spamming, and insults. Some of his fans even talk just like Phil himself, echoing exactly what he says.
  25. He is a habitual liar. Many times he has tried to rewrite his own history even in the face of damning evidence that says something different. When he talks about haters, he always claims that the things they say are either slanderous or exaggerated, even though the evidence they present usually comes directly from Phil's own mouth, and is based on what he says and does. More recently, he been accused of lying about the severity of the tax situation due to a lack of transparency.
  26. He gives insane theories as to why people hate him, but these often tend to be baseless accusations, usually with no evidence to back them up. For example:
    • He once claimed in a segment of "Ask the King" in early December 2017 that TIHYDP makers use view-bots to inflate their view counts, yet he doesn't give any proof of this.
    • He also claimed that reaction videos are illegal unless you're reacting to your own videos, once again showing no evidence that this is the case.
    • He always claims that haters take everything he says out of context, but he has never provided any examples of this (plus, "they took me out of context!" is an excuse that has never worked for anyone).
    • He once said in a tweet that commentating over someone else's video is a violation of copyright, but doesn't prove that statement; commenting and criticism do in fact fall under fair use, showing that he knows very little about how copyright law and fair use works.
  27. He introduced his new girlfriend in a video in March 2018, but the video was cringe-inducing due to her unenthusiastic behaviour; it feels like she is being forced to be in the video.
  28. Recently, Phil did a livestream talking about depression, claiming that he had it, and tried to blame 10 years of poor online behaviour on depression, even blaming it for his "paid shills" tweet several weeks prior.
    • One day after the livestream, a subscriber on the stream chat was showing signs of depression. Phil mocks him and says he's trolling; probably making the person feel worse about his depression.
  29. Phil has few friends remaining because of his own inability to manage friendships and relationships for the reasons mentioned above. It was telling when John Rambo finally had enough with him in 2015.
    • This was because he refused to pay Rambo and Howard for appearing in Project 7, instead choosing to waste his money on frivolous nonsense that he doesn't use.
  30. Despite him previously saying he "doesn't want to be Mr. Views," he has held off or outright stopped playing some games due to low viewership on Twitch and YouTube.
  31. When his ex-girlfriend PandaLee was in the hospital after a panic attack in May 2017, he embarrassed her to the point where she broke up with him.

Why His Content Sucks

  1. He's incredibly bad at games, even after at least a decade of experience. He also has a tendency to ragequit at games, even when his fans pleaded with him not to do so, with a notable example being the final boss during his playthrough of Persona 3 ON EASY DIFFICULTY, after which he was made fun of by the official Atlus USA YouTube account in the comments section (worth noting that his composition was not so good against bosses). He was also paid $1,250 by his fans to finish the game, which of course he didn't.
    • The rage-quitting has only gotten worse in 2018, in which a lot of the games he played this year ended with a ragequit.
    • It's possible that he might be playing games poorly on purpose. If that's the case, then he's really bad at doing even that.
    • Phil utterly hates any semblance of challenges presented in a game. Usually, this is because he isn't playing the game properly, or he's trying too hard to rush through it.
    • Phil never takes the time to properly learn how any game works. Examples include using the shotgun the entire time in Devil May Cry, ignoring the entire tutorial in The Witcher 2, not using the guns in Ratchet & Clank, not using the techniques learned in Catherine, or scanning objects in Metroid Prime.
    • Phil expresses praise and excitement for games like Ride to Hell: Retribution, which have often been ranked among the worst games ever made by most people. Positively received video games such as Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto V, Gears of War, and especially Dark Souls, however, have had the opposite reaction from Phil. When discussing the aforementioned games, he will often trash them, call their developers "assholes", and outright call them the "worst video games ever." These negative sentiments likely stem from the bad experiences he had with them when playing through them on his channel.
  2. He also ignored Atlus' warning not to stream too much of Persona 5 and acted like a whiny child after they issued a copyright takedown on his playthrough. This also caused him to remove his playthroughs of previous Atlus games and swear off playing any games made and/or published by Atlus for the foreseeable future.
  3. Phil often doesn't pay attention to certain key details in games and is prone to wasting time wandering around aimlessly, unsure of where he's supposed to go, or what to do, even when the game outright tells him what he is supposed to be doing.
    • Sometimes, when he figures out or looks up these mechanics, he claims that they're "bugged game mechanics", when in fact they're actual game mechanics. For example, he claimed that the crouch jump was a bug during his playthrough of Black Mesa.
    • Phil has even had trouble simply navigating menus; in his playthrough of FIFA 12, he spent 25 minutes just trying to start a match!
    • He struggles in 3D platformer games, where he even has trouble with understanding basic platforming mechanics. This can be seen in the first Sly Cooper game, where it takes him over ten minutes to finally get past a hook in the second world of the game.
  4. Blames everybody and everything but himself for his lack of gaming skill (like the controls lagging, a glitch, the game cheating, etc). For example, he resorts to calling his opponent a scrub and accusing them of "button mashing" (even though that's almost never the case) if he's playing a fighting game online. He once blamed his viewers for low stream attendance when he played Pokémon Moon, which led to immense backlash.
    • Most recently, he quit the remake of Secret of Mana on PS4 at the final boss and blamed Square Enix for the game having a bad, outdated save system, when it was his own fault for going into the final boss unprepared, without saving, and being woefully under-leveled.
    • When his game froze as he was defeating the Washington Redskins in Madden 12 for the Xbox 360, he flat out blames the game and EA for the game freezing. He restarts the match multiple times before finally winning.
    • He often trots out the "beginner's trap" excuse for things that don't make sense. Examples include:
      • Getting electrocuted by an electric eel in Crash Bandicoot 2.
      • Getting flanked by an enemy in The Order: 1886.
      • Getting stuck between two trees in Scarface: The World Is Yours.
      • Not knowing that you had to fire an object to wake up Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine.
      • Going up against Alexia while completely unarmed as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X.
      • Getting blown off the roof by an air duct in The Simpsons: Hit & Run.
    • Complaining about the controller not working certainly might have some merit, as he has a tendency to hit his controller against hard surfaces when raging.
  5. Sometimes he resorts to cheating when playing games or using cheap tactics and/or known exploits to get past parts that he gets stuck on, feels is unfair, or that he thinks that the game is cheating to make him lose. Sometimes he even cheats to speed through certain parts of the game such as in his Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas playthrough towards the end of the game, he used an invincibility cheat to reach the "take over 35% of Gang Territories" requirement to unlock the final mission quicker.
    • During the last missions in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2), he resorts to using in-game cheats because he thought they were too hard. The latter, in particular, caused backlash from his own fans, some of which stated they were done with his channel.
    • He once spent a total of two 26-27 minute sessions in Scarface: The World Is Yours using the "FULL BALLS" CHEAT 478 TIMES in an attempt to speed through the remainder of the game! If you're curious, he ended up ragequitting that game.
    • In a more recent example of this, during his playthrough of Super Mario Odyssey, after being fed up with failing so many times during the Darker Side of the Moon segment of the post-game (one of the hardest parts of the game), he resorted to using the well-documented "Frog glitch" to completely bypass it.
    • In his Dead Rising playthrough, when his stream chat was telling him to use a gun against the second Carlito fight, he calls it cheating. He ends up cheesing the fight after Carlito's AI got stuck in a store, and does the same later on against Cletus.
  6. He has bland commentary; when he isn't raging at a game for being "too hard" or anything of the sort, he just points out what's on the screen as it happens. It's like his playthroughs are for blind people. He also has a disgusting habit of belching and snorting loudly into his microphone and make no attempt to cover it up or excuse himself.
    • In addition, there are often extended periods of silence from Phil during his playthroughs (when he's not complaining, saying/doing something stupid or pointing out the obvious). We know you're trying to focus on the game, Phil, but you could at least try to make it so the viewers don't get bored during your playthroughs.
  7. He is often prone to singing during his playthroughs. Viewers have called his singing unnecessary, uncharismatic, and tone-deaf. The biggest example of this is in Jak II, where he sings almost non-stop for 38 minutes as he tries to beat the city race against Erol.
  8. He encourages back-seating (the act of a stream attendee giving the streamer unwanted advice in the chat, which is almost universally hated by streamers and results in a timeout or ban in most streams). Phil not only encourages this behavior whenever he streams, but he is also very reliant on it. For example, he relied on the stream chat for the entirety of his Crash Bandicoot 2 playthrough, giving him hints on how to get the gems or access the secrets.
  9. He used a camcorder to record his playthroughs until 2013 when practically all other gaming channels at that time were using direct capture. Generally speaking, he is often years behind everyone else when it comes to trying new things.
  10. He made an unboxing video of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (on Xbox 360) when an accidental fire alarm went off in his condo. The majority of the video was focused more on him ranting about said alarm than it was focused on talking about the game itself. He ultimately neglected to even open the box, completely defeating the purpose of making an unboxing video.
  11. Quantity over Quality, he has 50,000 videos (thanks to the fact he doesn't bother stitching videos, thus creating multiple 15-minute parts), yet he can’t be bothered to edit them; he also played many games, all of which he failed at. Some of these playthroughs he managed to ragequit for various reasons.
  12. Has an extremely twisted sense of humor, and will often laugh or make hurtful and unfunny jokes during serious moments in games. Most infamously, he laughed at Sniper Wolf's death during his Metal Gear Solid playthrough, and laughed at Clementine painfully stitching up a wound on her arm during his playthrough of The Walking Dead: Season 2, while also claiming that peroxide doesn't burn, which just isn't true (peroxide can burn if the wound is serious enough).
  13. His "game reviews" (KOGaming channel) are of Irate Gamer (before Chris NEO aka Chris Tube) levels of bad. He'll knock points off for minor things, like difficulty or lack of tutorials. His "Overwatch Tips" video is also the definition of cash-grab, as it was clearly made just to capitalize on the Overwatch hype at the time.
  14. He has started doing "Redemption Runs" (according to him, a playthrough of a game without any game-breaking advantages - such as a powerful weapon - and no guide) of games he's played previously, but these tend to be as bad, if not worse than his initial runs.
    • His first "Redemption Run," Dark Souls, had him breaking the rules that he established (no help, no overpowered weapons, no excuses) when he got an overpowered weapon thanks to his Stream Chat. He also uses a lot of excuses in this "redemption run", such as blaming From Software for his mistakes.
  15. In his Metal Gear Solid playthroughs, he claims that he doesn't look up the solution or ask viewers for help, but has done so numerous times.
  16. He doesn't edit out commercials from his playthroughs which he recorded while live streaming because "it's frickin' YouTube, all you have to do is click on the time bar".
  17. He makes extremely obnoxious sex jokes and sexist comments whenever a female character shows up on the screen (regardless if they are physically attractive or fully dressed and not physically attractive or those in Rule 34). He has even missed important details because of this.
    • He also makes inappropriate sexual jokes that he tends to laugh at, regardless of the game he's playing.
  18. His racial humor is usually in extremely poor taste, having made numerous Nazi, Black, and Asian jokes in his videos. One of these jokes, made during his Dead Space 2 demo playthrough (in which he "roleplayed" as the "last remaining Nazi", who was on a mission to exterminate "the Necromorph Jews"), got him permabanned from In his Sleeping Dogs playthrough, he joked about "distributing the Hentai in the town", (Hentai was not Chinese, it was a Japanese term), considering the game took place in Hong Kong. He claimed in a rant that he'd "never done anything racist in [his] entire life" despite noticeable evidence to the contrary.
  19. He has vision problems but refuses to wear glasses because he claims that he doesn't need them. This may contribute to why he often misses some key details in games or mistimes his jumps if he's playing a platformer.
    • It's possible that he suffers from tunnel vision, where he focuses squarely on his character without checking his surroundings or HUD. During the "Vertical Bird" mission in GTA: San Andreas, he crashed his Hydra into the water. He blamed the graphics engine for it, yet didn't notice the altitude meter next to the mini-map.
  20. He's broken countless controllers and keyboards in anger during his various playthroughs. This could be why the controls in games supposedly don't work when he plays them. In one instance, during his playthrough of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, he broke his controller and then blamed Sony for not making their controllers more durable (his exact words were: "Sony, don’t approve of these really frustrating games on your console, then I won’t smash my controllers on my table.").
  21. Phil completely lacks any problem solving or critical thinking skills, best demonstrated by his playthroughs of Catherine, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Bully: Scholarship Edition. He tends to miss or ignore easy, or even obvious solutions to whatever predicament he is in, or he makes his time much harder than he needs to by over-thinking certain things. Another example of this is floundering around for a half hour on Batman: Arkham Asylum when all he had to do was use the Line Launcher he obtained to progress.
  22. He never learns from his mistakes he makes in games and often repeats them. An example of this is failing to defeat Kaiser Sigma in Mega Man X3 when he repeatedly misses the boss' weak point. He ended up rage-quitting this game because of this.
  23. His tendency to rush through games manages to not only make his playthroughs harder, but it also causes him to rage even harder.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is reported that he used to be a likable livestreamer with decent content in his first two years, during 2008 and in early 2009.
  2. When he is genuinely angry, it is actually quite amusing simply because he is a complete Neanderthal when he gets mad.
  3. He has had some genuinely funny moments in some playthroughs; such as when he killed a boss in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood by kneeing him in the groin and knocking him into the water.
  4. He managed to beat [[[w:c:awesome-games:Cuphead|Cuphead]]] without ragequitting.
  5. Some of the stuff he says is rather meme-worthy, such as:
    • "What pasta do you prefer? I prefer a penne, easier to eat!"
    • "I need tha- that money, I really do! I need that money to pay my bills!"
    • "It's greed. It's greed. Greed is massively strong. I HAVE NO F*****G SELF-CONTROL!"
    • "I did nothing wrong! I did everything correct!"
    • "Quick buck, quick buck, quick buck!"
    • "Why am I toxic?"
    • "There was nothing I could do!"
  6. He is a model example of what to avoid doing if you want to become a Let's Player/Livestreamer.


Due to the above issues and Phil's overall negativity, DSPGaming has become infamous and has been made fun of in countless YouTube videos.

This is how you DON'T play MGS2

This is how you DON'T play MGS2.

The very first "This Is How You DON'T Play" video

Evilaj2010's "This Is How You DON'T Play Metal Gear Solid 2" parody video released on February 3, 2013 has inspired and spawned hundreds of "This Is How You DON'T Play" videos which consist of carefully edited scenes of gameplay and commentary usually from DSPGaming and with comments from the viewers overlaid on top of the video reacting to the playthrough. The sequel to the video, "This Is How You DON'T Play MGS3", has over a million views on YouTube. These types of videos get many times more views than Phil's own content. Nowadays, Phil struggles to get even 1,000 views on a single upload and hasn't gone past 186,000 subscribers in a very long time.

A group called "Sons of Kojima", named after Hideo Kojima, one of the main creators of the Metal Gear Solid series, and also the person Phil constantly made fun of and insulted in his videos, had also made a livestream series called "Let's Endure" which consisted of people reacting to the "This Is How You DON'T Play" videos or some other selected videos. Some other people also do reaction videos in a similar fashion.

Phil's constant complaints about "bugged game mechanics", low skill at gaming, and problems figuring out even the simplest of objectives have also spawned "Bugged Game Mechanics" videos. Using clips from the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments from Animaniacs, the videos first show Person A doing a certain sequence or event quickly and correctly (Good Idea), then shows Person B (usually DSP) failing at that same sequence and/or taking far more time than Person A in the first part of the video (Bad Idea). Sometimes the video ends with an edited clip making fun of the person who did the Bad Idea section of the video.

Due to the general negativity surrounding him, a series of videos using the title of one of DSP's own video series, "DSP Tries It", was created which portrays Phil's actions that he does in a negative light, and usually with added edited clips or distorted clips of his own videos to make further fun of him. Ironically, these videos often show up higher on YouTube's search results than the videos actually created and published by Phil himself in his actual series.

A YouTube user by the name of Fredrik Knudsen even discussed Phil's antics in his own series called "Down the Rabbit Hole". He concluded that Phil's infamous reputation serves as a warning to content creators about how volatile one's fanbase can be, and how quickly it can turn against them (see thumbnail above).

Phil nowadays has been reduced to begging for money from his viewers on livestream, and absolutely refuses to do anything that could potentially improve his living situation, often insulting anyone who offers suggestions he won't do. The decision to disable comments on all of his videos back in September 2017 actively killed off what little engagement his channel had. He was recently banned from AdSense (again) by Google for invalid click activity, just like last time. Any time something goes wrong in his life or "career" for his own incompetence, he continues to deny any wrong-doing on his part and continuously blames Youtube, Google, detractors, or anyone he can think of for supposedly ruining him. Many believe that Phil is far beyond help and that his fragile ego, narcissism, and stubborn refusal to change his format will be the eventual death of his internet "career". His channels have seen next to zero growth for years, his fanbase continues to dwindle little by little, various sources of his income have dried up, and even high profile game releases only get a negligible amount of views per upload, but still denies fault, blaming Youtube for changing the algorithms to stop him from seeing any growth.

Phil's claims that he will leave a legacy behind is actually a half-truth; he will leave a legacy behind, but not one he thinks he'll leave. The only thing he'll be remembered for is a reminder for what happens when you rely on the internet for income, let greed get the better of you, and that your fanbase will turn on you very quickly if you start treating them like trash, and taking their support for granted. Channels that make videos about him don't exist to laugh at him like they used to, instead being more akin to psychological deconstructions of an insane person, looking into the hidden messages behind Phil's own words as his delusions of grandeur continue to drip poison (metaphorically, of course) every time he goes live.


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