Dark Castle was a video game made in 1986 for the Macintosh and had been ported many times to other systems. While the original game on the Macintosh has been praised as a good game, a port was released to the Sega Genesis by Electronic Arts and there was another port to Philips CD-i and both were panned by both gamers and critics alike.


Duncan, prince of the land heads to the castle of the Dark Knight to stop him from terrorizing the townspeople.

Why it Sucks

Note: This is only for the Sega Genesis and CD-i ports.

  1. Inferior graphics in comparison to the Macintosh version with the Genesis version looking poor and cartoony and the CD-i version looking even worse.
  2. It has some of the worst controls in video game history. Players will trip and fall in the Genesis version. The CD-i version is even worse with players getting dizzy just by jumping twice and tripping just by running. In order to duck, you must press Down and then A, which is confusing since the Down button ONLY ducks for half a second.
  3. Very poor aiming. Players have to pick up rocks and slowly move Duncan's arm to throw the rocks like needles on a clock.
  4. In one area of the castle, you will see some graffiti in the background. One says Gamers Rule which is a little silly but another one says Saddam was here.
  5. In the Genesis and CD-i versions, the only music you'll ever hear is Bach’s Toccata & Fugue. You can turn the music off but you must hit the option to turn it off when a note isn't playing otherwise the option will sustain the note.
  6. Although you are supposed to go through three of the doors to collect the special items before you face Black Knight, you actually don't need them. You can go straight to the boss and beat him by pulling the levers and beat the game in less than TWO MINUTES!!
  7. The enemies don't even die when hit with the rock.
  8. Ear bleeding sound FX, especially the CD-I version. One of the enemies even taunts you. THE GAME IS TAUNTING YOU!
  9. The difficulty is painfully hard, even with the unbearable controls.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Duncan can be upgraded. If you reach a wizard, he can cast a spell on you and turn your rocks into fireballs, and if you get struck by lightning while holding a shield, Duncan can turn yellow and be invulnerable.