Take time making this and NOT before christmas trying to cash-in on a popular game show.

Deal or No Deal DVD Game is a DVD game based on the UK version of the show of the same name, developed by some unknown company and published by Channel 4 DVD for the 2006 holiday season in the UK. There is another version of this game based on the American version from Imagination Games, which was sold exclusively in North America.

Why it Sucks

  1. The game is SLOW. Everything is SLOW.
  2. You cannot choose what box you want, they only let you choose Box 5.
  3. Everything has a boring, long loading screen which takes forever even on higher end DVD's, Computers and consoles. If you want to choose a certain box? it loads. If you want to ask advice from one of the contestants about the bankers' offer? it loads.
  4. You have to scroll through box by box to get the one you want, and only one per screen. It takes even longer to find the one you want with the awful load times as well.
  5. The amounts of money in the boxes when opened are not random, say you might get a long line of reds or blues instead of a mixture of the both.
  6. Poor editing between cutscenes.
  7. It was Christmas Rushed, making it like how it was.

Redeming Qualities

  1. It features real contestants from series 1, as well as Noel Edmonds himself.
  2. All the live action footage used was especially made for this DVD.