Desert Bus

8 HOURS!!!

Desert Bus is one of the six parts of the unreleased Sega CD video game Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors created by Absolute Entertainment (the same company who made the SNES port of Space Ace), starring the famous celebrity magicians and entertainers Penn and Teller.

The game was used for a contest, where the winner got a prize if he/she played the game for too long.


You play as a bus driver who must drive a bus from Tucson to Las Vegas.

Why it Sucks

NOTE : This game was made as a joke.

  1. Non-existent gameplay.
  2. The bus is extremely slow. It cannot go any faster than 45 mph.
  3. No music except for the intro theme.
  4. Literally nothing stands in your way. There are no objectives, traffic, and hazards.
  5. The road never turns like in OutRun.
  6. Aside from driving, there is nothing to do other than:
    • Looking at a rock or a sign outside,
    • Pressing B to open and close the door,
    • Pressing START to honk the horn.
  7. The bus is completely empty, there's nothing or no one interact with.
  8. The distance to Las Vegas is 360 miles. This means that you have to drive for 8 HOURS in real time to get there!
  9. While playing this game, there may be times that your Sega CD will overheat for playing this game for 8 hours straight.
  10. No break times, let alone the option to pause the game. As mentioned before, the START button honks the horn.
    • In order to quit the game, you must reset the Sega CD.
  11. If you managed to get to Las Vegas, you just start all over again with no payoff or reward.
  12. At some point a bug splatters the window which can be disorienting.
  13. If you try to use a holder to keep the A button pressed down, the bus will still steer right and it will careen off the road. You have no choice but to sit for the whole 8 hours!
  14. When the bus careens off the road, you are towed all the way to the beginning of the game, which also takes place in real time. This means that if you accidentally hit the ground within 6 hours, you are towed back to the beginning for another 6 hours. It would be best just to reset the game instead!
  15. After going for all eight hours, you're given ONE POINT. It's extremely degrading and really an insult to injury.
  16. The highest-known probably-not-even-legit score is 99. THIS ALONE WOULD REQUIRE 792 HOURS/33 DAYS OF CONTINUOUS GAMEPLAY.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is used for an annual charity event called Desert Bus for Hope which raises money for Child's Play, an organization that raises money to donate toys and games for children's hospitals. Even Penn and Teller played that game just for the fun of it.
  2. The intro theme sounds cool.[1]
  3. The Steam remake of this game adds VR (with ability to look around the bus), online multiplayer, graphic details, and radio (courtesy of Penn & Teller) to add some content to this boring game. It is also free.


Desert Bus is known to be one of the most boring games of all time.



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