Destination Software

In no way does this have to do with DS games.

Destination Software Inc. (often shortened to DSI Games) was a video game company which published shovelware games for various platforms, most notably the Nintendo Wii, the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS. DSI Games mainly published games developed from other companies, such as Full Fat, Frontline Studios and Frame Studios Interactive.

While the company is not very well known, most of their games they published were notorious for their very poor quality. The company also published several licensed multicarts, that were console ports of mostly arcade games.

The company was founded in 2001, and was acquired in December 2007 by Green Screen Interactive Software and renamed to "Zoo Publishing". In 2013, all Zoo companies were closed.

Why their games Sucked

  1. Ear-bleedingly terrible music.
  2. Extremely ugly and poor graphics.
  3. Horrible controls.
  4. Bad sound effects.
  5. Poor models that look similar to a late Nintendo 64 game.
  6. Most of the games they ported to their multicarts are watered-down versions of the original games, with the worst being the Game Boy Advance port of Marble Madness.
  7. Awful and annoying voice acting.
  8. Poor gameplay.
  9. Some of their games are also completely bland and uninspired rip-offs of other games. For example, M&M's Kart Racing rips off the Mario Kart series.
  10. Numerous bugs and glitches.
  11. Dreadful camera angles.