How did Noboru Sugimura screw this up? I thought he was one of the great writers at Capcom!

Dino Crisis 3 is a 2003 action-adventure and survival horror video game for the Xbox. It was co-developed by HitMaker and Capcom Production Studio 4, and is the fourth and final video game in the Dino Crisis series.

Like the previous iterations of the series, gameplay revolves around fighting dinosaur or other reptiles. The action takes place in outer space, on a space station.

Why it Sucks

  1. Cheesy dialogue.
  2. Lame protagonists.
  3. Terrible story.
  4. Only 3 kinds of dinosaurs.
  5. Bad voice acting.
  6. Broken gameplay.
  7. Numerous bugs and glitches.
  8. Terrible camera.
  9. Repetitive rooms and hallways.
  10. The player faces off against mutant dinosaurs instead of real ones like the previous installments. To add insult to injury, the plot has nothing to do with the previous games.
  11. Extremely claustrophobic environment.
  12. Unbalanced difficulty.
  13. To add insult to injury, this was the first and Only game in the series to be on a Xbox Console, and what a terrible way to introduce this series to them.
    • It also lacks a PC version compared to the previous 2 main games, and canceled the PS2 version in favor for the Xbox just to get Japanese developer exclusives, alienating its core established audience that was on the PC and PlayStation systems.


The game currently holds an average of score of 2.72/5 in Gamefaqs.

GameSpot branded the game with a "Mediocre" 5.4, having found the game more "frustrating than fun" due to its flaws. Edge and Eurogamer both scored the game with a 3/10 citing the repetitive enviroment and horrendous camera.

GameTrailers included the game in a "Top Ten Worst Sequels" feature, stating that "it's a good sign you have an abysmal sequel when its developer respectfully declines to follow it up."