You might want to consider getting another disc...

It is well known that discs can hold more data than cartridges, allowing developers to make better games and now they are the standard method to make games in modern consoles. Unfortunately, we also know that discs are infamous for getting scratched. Game consoles have a harder time reading scratched discs because the scratches prevent the lens from reading the data printed onto the disc. As the disc gets more scratched the game will become less functional until it can't be played anymore.

Discs are very fragile and can get scratched easily, and while it usually happens more often to younger and careless gamers, even the most cared and protected discs can get a few scratches because even the game console itself can accidentally scratch a disc while reading it.

It is possible to fix a scratched disc. However, it can be very difficult, and the slightest mistake while doing so can end up damaging the disc further, so be extra careful when doing so.

How Scratches Affect Games

  1. Loading screens become longer. Sometimes the game can even freeze during a loading screen which in turn could corrupt data.
  2. Sometimes the game will fail to boot up.
  3. The console will start making louder noises due to needing to put extra effort to read the disc.
  4. The game can crash or slowdown significantly.
  5. Over time the console's lens starts wearing down from having to put more effort than usual to read scratched discs, which reduces its ability to read any disc.
  6. Because the lens has a harder time reading the data on the disc glitches and bugs can occur.
  7. Parts of the game can become outright unplayable because the scratches make the section of the disc completely unreadable.


  1. Always keep your discs in their cases when not in use and keep those cases in a safe place where they'll be unlikely to fall over and get damaged.
  2. When you're done playing don't leave the disc on the console's tray, put it back on it's case.
  3. DO NOT touch the disc's surface. When handling the disc make sure your fingers don't accidentally touch the surface either.
  4. Avoid long play sessions, it'll reduce the chance of your console scratching the disc. If you do plan a long play session, maybe play multiple games for a short time each so the discs don't run for that long.
  5. Always check for dust or any form of litter on the disc's case or worse on the disc tray in the console before placing the disc into the console.
  6. Carefully place the disc on the console and make sure it's properly placed.
  7. DO NOT let your disc get wet under any circumstances.
  8. Don't move your console while it's reading a disc (for example tilting it)
  9. NEVER put a disc on top of another disc in the disc player.
  10. Be careful when lending your game to someone else as that person might not treat the disc nicely.
  11. If you buy a game used from a store, make sure you check the disc for scratches before taking it. If possible ask the store clerk if they can test the game to check if it still works. Also always keep your warranty in hand just in case especially if you buy used games online because you can't test those before buying htem.
  12. Check your console for any hardware or manufacturing errors that might cause the system to scratch discs.


How To Fix Deep Scratches On game disc or Dvd03:13

How To Fix Deep Scratches On game disc or Dvd

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