A version of Doom for the Sega Saturn was released in March 1997 in North America and Europe by GT Interactive and Rage Software. This version is a port of the PlayStation version.

Due to a rushed release and various problems with the Sega Saturn, this port is considered to be one of the worst ports of the game, having issues nearly on par with the 3DO port.


Programmer Jim Bagley, upon receiving the resources from id Software, was able to create a hardware-accelerated renderer for the platform in a relatively short amount of time. However, upon review by John Carmack, this rendering engine was found unacceptable due to the hardware's quad-based affine texture scaling. Carmack demanded that the hardware graphics capabilities be avoided, forcing Bagley to undertake writing a software renderer which utilized both SH2 processor units in the system, under coordination of the central 68000 chip, to draw the screen in a manner similar to the PC game engine.

Why the Sega Saturn version sucks

  1. Lack of textures.
  2. Terrible framerate, just like the 3DO version , which makes the game either easier or borderline unplayable.
  3. A lot of features from the PlayStation version are missing.
  4. False advertising: The back of the box promises to have "60 levels of brutal, bloody, pulse-pounding action", when the port actually has 59 levels. The box also has screenshots from the PC version of Final Doom.
    • The port also promises that the game supports 2 players via linkup, which is missing from the North American version, but it is present in the European version. The box for the European version however incorrectly states the game is 1 player only.
  5. No colored lighting.
  6. Poor controls due to the terrible framerate.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. This version has more content than either the 3DO version and the 32x version.