Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone is a Beat 'em Up game released by East Technology in 1990 for Arcades. Despite being a numbered title in the Double Dragon series, it had no involvement of Technos Japan, the creator of the series on its development.


As the Double Dragons return home after completing their training, they meet a mysterious fortune teller, who tells them they can challenge the world's strongest fighter if they retrieve the three Rosetta Stones and go to Egypt. The brothers accept the challenge and go after the stones.

Why it sucks

  1. Choppy animation and scrolling.
  2. Awkward character movement (Arcade version).
  3. Very small enemy variety, with each stage having no more than two different enemies.
  4. Ridiculously unfair bosses, who are much faster and have greater reach than the players.
  5. Practically no weapons to be found on the stages, which was a series staple.
  6. The ending is unsatisfying and doesn't resolve the story (the 3rd Rosetta stone is never found). What may seem like the game has a true ending that can be gotten somehow is actually the game just teasing yet another sequel, which was made but thankfully wasn't a direct sequel to this game.
  7. There are in-game shops where you can buy new moves, weapons and extra characters. however you can only pay for the items with your credits, meaning you must use real money to buy stuff (the in-game shops were all removed and the extra moves, weapons and characters were made available from the start in the Japanese version due to the game's failure in North America).
  8. In the NES version (which is slightly better due to the gameplay being almost completely different) when your character dies they die permanently, this in affect means that you start the game with only one life and the characters who join you after you defeat them are just glorified extra lives.
  9. The Genesis version is a direct port of the Arcade version, with smoother scrolling but worse graphics, awful hit detection and music, a limited amount of credits per game and for some reason you can damage enemies whilst they're knocked down by jumping on them.
  10. The NES version refers to the main characters as BIMMY AND JIMMY.