Notice that the box says you're not supposed to play it on the NES version of the Nintendo Entertainment System? It's as if it didn't want you to play the game. That's a sign you shouldn't play the game.

Dragon's Lair is a platforming adventure video game for the Nintendo Entertainment system and was based off the 1983 Laser Disc arcade game of the same name. However the gameplay of the NES game is not like the original game, as it revolves around platforming and adventure instead of the Quick-Time movie gameplay of the original game.


Dirk the Daring, the best knight in the kingdom, must rescue Princess Daphne, Dirk's love interest, from the evil dragon, Singe.

Why It Sucks

  1. Dirk moves incredibly slow.
  2. Everything Dirk does has noticeable input delay.
  3. With the exception of small enemies, everything in the game can kill Dirk with one hit. Small enemies only take away a piece of Dirk's health bar. You can even die by touching a DOOR, of all things.
  4. The game is heavily cryptic and most parts require an enormous amount of trial and error.
  5. You get only 5 lives (no extras or continues) to complete the whole game.
  6. There are elevators in the game that take you to the next level, but only if you get off at the correct floor. If you pick a wrong floor, you must restart a previous level.
  7. Attacks lower your own HP.
  8. Terrible ending.
  9. Despite Dirk having a health bar, nearly everything in the game will instantly kill Dirk, making the health bar almost entirely useless.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite being one of the worst games on the system, the graphics and animation are some of the best the NES has to offer. The game also has some decent music.
  2. In the PAL version Dirk moves faster.