The game's American cover.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 is a PlayStation fighting game developed by TOSE and released in Japan and France in 1995 and 1996 by Bandai, respectively. It would not receive an American release by Funimation and Infogrames until 2003, and a Europe-wide release until 2002. The game‘s title comes from the fact that the game features 22 characters (there are 5 unlockable characters; getting them retitles the game as "Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 27").

Why it Sucks

  1. An ugly graphical mix between 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds, which was outdated by the time of the game‘s American release.
  2. Terrible AI.
  3. No storyline.
  4. Long loading times.
  5. The single-player mode has you fighting all of the game‘s characters. To make things worse, beating the single-player mode doesn‘t reward you with anything, let alone unlockable characters. The manual flat-out tells you to unlock them using a cheat code.
  6. Bare-minimum localization; the game‘s Japanese voice acting wasn't dubbed or subtitled. The western versions also do not include the pre-match voices that the original Japanese version had.


Like fellow Dragon Ball PlayStation game Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, the game received extremely negative reviews. In fact, this game was considered to be even worse than Final Bout. It‘s only the icing on the cake that the game‘s US commercial was deemed to be a fitting analogy.


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