Drake of the 99 Dragons was a video game made by Idol FX and published by Majesco Entertainment. It was released for the Xbox and Windows. Idol FX hoped to create a comic book franchise with this game.


Drake, an undead assassin must avenge the death of his master and his clan by getting back the Soul Portal Artifact which was stolen by Tang who plans to use it to fuel a robot army with souls to conquer the world.


Drake wields two guns at all times. He obtains various abilities over the course of the game, such as double jump and slowing down time. He regains health by taking the souls of his fallen enemies. In the Xbox version Drake auto aims while in the Windows version, there is an aiming reticle.

Why it Sucks

  1. Very poor controls that make everything very difficult.
  2. The ability to slow down time is too easy to activate by accident. Slowing down time is also useless since Drake is affected by it as well.
  3. Poor graphics and animation. The game was claimed to have cel-shaded graphics, though this can only really be seen on Drake himself. The rest of the graphics just look bland and dull.
  4. The camera moves so fast, its difficult to make it stay where you want it to.
  5. Aiming is horrible due to the both the reticule and the camera being controlled with the right thumbstick (the obscure PC port of the game uses a standard keyboard + mouse setup as well as having a crosshairs in the center of the screen (although it is quite blurry), making it the definitive version of the game but still not good).
  6. The auto-aim feature almost never works.
  7. Phoned-in voice acting.
  8. Pre-rendered cutscenes in which the developers were too lazy/under the gun to even animate the character's faces when they talk (most of the time). Some jokingly state that the characters have lockjaw because their mouths don't move when talking.
  9. Floaty jumping.
  10. Every time you die, the game goes into a load screen, and then you are forced to wait ten seconds to respawn while the spirit gods mock you. When the timer runs out, there is another load screen. On top of that, in the final stage the game ditches the ten second respawn, instead letting the player respawn immediately... only to be brought back in the final boss battle.
  11. You can die from falling a great enough height, which is a problem when one of the early levels requires you to drop from a high rooftop down to street-level.
  12. The same level has you shoot and track down a courier by following his blood trail, however at one point in the level it suddenly splits into two blood trails, forcing the player to take a 50-50 chance on which way is right.
  13. Poor A.I.
  14. Numerous glitches.
  15. Instead of reloading his weapons, Drake just drops them and takes new ones literally out of nowhere. Because of this every weapon in the game has unlimited ammo. The only challenge the game provides is from how broken and unfinished the whole thing is.
  16. For a game about an assassin, there are no elements of stealth.
  17. Most abilities are worthless(see 2) and some just don't work. For instance, you obtain an ability to draw in souls, but that ability never activates.
  18. Some things in the game make no sense, such as when Drake kills Tang's hologram.
  19. Drake as a character is unlikable and an idiot: In the opening cutscene, he is in a dojo playing with two unloaded pistols, ProJared says "It's like a 10 year old who got into his dad's gun cabinet." Not only does he have internal monologues in almost every cutscene, when he first gets his power of immortality, the first thing he does is throw himself out of a window and kill himself. He gets killed enough times throughout the game that the Spirit Gods finally give up and make him use his original, bullet hole-riddled body for the rest of the game.
  20. The production values are so low that not only does a female boss use the same death sound as the male enemies but the sound for when doors open was stolen from AOL Instant Messenger.
  21. The story is filled with plot holes. In fact the story is nothing interesting or special and relies heavily on cliches and stereotypes.
  22. In the final level, the player is required to do a large amount of platforming, which is made near impossible due to the bad controls and floaty jumping.
  23. The final boss is based almost entirely on luck due to the randomness of the fight. Also, this is considered the hardest fight because of the culmination of every single broken mechanic of this game into this stage itself, as said by ProJared.
  24. False advertising: The box art features giant robots that never appear in the actual game, other than the robot that attacked Drake in the dojo in the beginning of the game which was human-sized.
  25. The continue feature does not work until much later(the underworld platforming stages) in the game.


IGN's Aaron Boulding gave the game a 2.9 out of 10; while praising the game's unique visual appearance and presentation, along with the "bullet time" audio effects whilst slowing down time, he concluded that Drake of the 99 Dragons was "a good idea that went horribly astray and ended up disastrous" and that "there's no need to rent, purchase or entertain the thought of playing this one."

Drake of the 99 Dragons holds an aggregate score of 22 on Metacritic, ranking it as the second-worst game for the original Xbox.

Internet reviewer ProJared gave it a bucket of tears out of 10 and said that whacking your head with a game box for 6 hours is a better experience.

The game appeared as No. 10 on's "Top 10 Worst Video Games" list.

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